Apr 6 Improving Governance--a global perspective; HHH Sr Fellow Bob Johns to moderate Humphrey Fellows discussion

Same Sun “Improving Governance and Accountability”

Thursday, April 6 at 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.
HHH 110 (Andreas Theater)

Christine Lukudu, South Sudan
Omer Khan, Pakistan
Lungten Zangmo, Bhutan
Humphrey Fulbright Fellows 16-17
Humphrey School of Public Affairs

"Governance and accountability are key aspects in service delivery drawing attention and focus of government. The moderated session on "Improving Governance and Accountability" will discuss the different models and measures adopted in the public service system in South Sudan, Bhutan, and Pakistan. The presentation will also look into the common challenges facing governance policies and systems, the interventions so far to improve service delivery and lessons learned".

Robert Johns began his appointment as senior fellow at the University of Minnesota in January 2016. He teaches in the leadership and management area of the University’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs and conducts and supports transportation-related research in the Humphrey School’s urban and regional planning area.

Christine Lukudu is an Operations Analyst for the World Bank in South Sudan. As an Operations Analyst, she is responsible for coordinating and analyzing the country’s program, supporting strategy development, enhancing governance and accountability initiatives, training and development, and donor and partner liaison amongst other activities.

Omer Khan is a civil servant from Pakistan with more than seven years of experience in policy development, disaster risk management, development and governance reforms, donor relations, communications and capacity building.

Lungten Zangmo is Deputy Chief Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Officer working with the Government to Citizen Office under the Cabinet Secretariat in Bhutan and is involved with improving public service delivery initiatives.
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