Edmon Marukyan, Humphrey Fellow 2010, Elected to the Armenian National Assembly

Edmon Marukyan, Humphrey Fellow 2010, was recently reelected to the Armenian National Assembly through the newly formed Coalition named “Way Out”.

Some background:
On December 12, 2015, he established the Bright Armenia Political Party with likeminded, professional young people who had had successful career development achievements in their respective fields and had interest in entering into politics and contributing to the wellbeing of Armenia.

After less than a year, in October 2016, Bright Armenia participated in the local-self-government elections of Vanadzor and came second after the ruling party, taking 10 seats out of 33 in the Local Council.

On December 12, 2016, in cooperation with “Civic Contract” and “Republic” Political Parties, “Bright Armenia” formed a political coalition named “Way Out” for participation in the  Parliamentary elections that were yet to come.

It was then announced that the Coalition “Way Out” was not headed by one single politician but rather it was led by the three leaders of the Political Parties that had joined together. However, through internal elections, Edmon was elected to lead the proportional list of the Coalition “Way Out”.

In the Parliamentary Elections held on April 2, 2017, only four political powers passed to the National Assembly and the Coalition “Way Out” came third according to the percentage of total votes received. The Coalition “Way Out” will be presented in the newly formed Armenian Parliament, which will consist of 105 seats, through 9 MPs.

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