Policy Officer Crisis Response & Peacebuilding

Policy Officer Crisis Response and Peacebuilding in the Security and Resilience Programme

The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) in Maastricht is looking for an entrepreneurial mid-level professional to execute activities that will maximise the impact of the Centre’s dialogue, networking and capacity development activities.

The right candidate will have a good portfolio of policy-relevant publications and technical reports, which should reflect her/his flexibility and willingness to move amongst a variety of policy issues related to the changing global landscape for development with a particular focus on conflict prevention and peacebuilding, civil-military relationships and disaster risk reduction. The candidate will have a minimum of 6 years of relevant work experience in settings that involved linking research, policy and practice. This experience should involve project/programme development and implementation. While academically accomplished the candidate will understand the nature of policy work, and have the ability to contribute to the conceptualisation of programmes and projects and to deliver on practical research in a clear writing style against tight deadlines. A good knowledge of European, African and international policy institutions, processes, current debates and an established network related to them will be an asset as well as project management knowledge, initial fundraising experience and supervision skills.

ECDPM, established in 1986 as an independent foundation, is a “think and do tank”. Our main goal is to broker effective partnerships between the European Union and the developing world, especially Africa. ECDPM promotes inclusive forms of development and cooperates with public and private sector organisations to better manage international relations. It also supports the reform of policies and institutions in both Europe and the developing world. One of ECDPM’s key strengths is its extensive network of relations in developing countries. Its partners embrace multilateral institutions, international centres of excellence and a broad range of state and non-state organisations.
ECDPM Activities

ECDPM’s subject areas or work relate to i) the strengthening of European external action; ii) economic transformation, governance, trade and regional integration; iii) Africa on the move: understanding and building dynamics for change; iv) regional and local markets for agriculture and food security and v) deepening overall responses to conflict, security and resilience which will be the home for this position. ECDPM has in addition a communication unit and a learning and quality support unit.

ECDPM’s Security and Resilience Programme works in close collaboration with other ECDPM programmes to inform Africa-Europe dialogue on building peaceful and inclusive societies, and contribute to coherent and effective approaches that support transitions from conflict to resilience and development. In doing so, we support global, continental and regional organisations and frameworks, such as the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA), to develop new modes of cooperation that suit the needs of the actors involved as well as to support wider change of societal dynamics. We also support European actors in their search for more comprehensive and effective responses to conflict prevention, civil-military approaches to conflict and crisis, peacebuilding and statebuilding, thus reconciling values and interests in EU external action. New challenges and policy questions are arising relating to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular relating to policy measures that take into account conflict and peacebuilding, dealing with protracted crisis as well as disaster risk reduction in a coherent and comprehensive manner.

Short-listed candidates for this vacancy will be required to undergo an interview in Maastricht, a content-related discussion, as well as sharing evidence of published work and technical reports. The final candidates will have to provide the contact details of three references, ideally one of which should be the candidate’s last supervisor in a position of employment. The candidate is expected to start 1 July 2017.

The Policy Officer (PO) for crisis response and peacebuilding will help to further deepen and widen the profile of ECDPM in the domain of peace, security and resilience. The incumbent will contribute effectively to the implementation of ECDPM’s new strategy (2017-2021), promote the policy processes and relating Theories of Change of the SECURE Programme, develop new projects and initiatives, support ongoing work within the team’s mandate and represent the programme/team externally.

Key Commitments Of The ECDPM Policy Officer

1. To effectively co-manage project teams for delivery on projects/policy processes
2. To build, expand and maintain relevant all-centre strategic networks and partnerships
3. To contribute to the development of funding proposals and to effectively secure funds for assigned projects and/or policy facilitation activities
4. To develop knowledge on key policy issues through assembling content, doing research, brokering knowledge and engage in outreach/communication activities were appropriate.
5. To contribute to the, coaching and mentoring of Junior Policy Officers and Research Assistants.

The Policy Officer is a full team member of the programme and reports to the Head of Programme. Taking into account specific personal qualities and experiences, and in accordance with the needs of ECDPM’s other programmes, other activities may be assigned to her or his portfolio as well.

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