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ICGC Digest 4.17.17

What's Below:

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  • ICGC Brown Bag 4.21: Dr. Illene Cupit, "Developmental Crises and Global Crises: Helping Grieving Children and Adolescents" University of Wisconsin-Green Bay 
  • Call for Photos!
  • Co-Sponsored Event 4.28: Institutions of Fear Film 
  • Co-Sponsored Event 4.28: Chicano Art Exhibit and Symposium 
  • Summer Course Options
  • Pangea World Theatre: 5 Weeks 
  • Humanities Improvised Conference 8.10-13
  • Global Food Summit 5.3-4
  • UMN Native American Medicine Garden Event 4.26
  • Funding Opportunities

ICGC Events 

4.21.17 ~ Noon ~ 537 Heller Hall 
Developmental Crises and Global Crises: Helping Grieving Children and Adolescents 
Presented by: Dr. Illene Cupit, Department of Human Development, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay 
Click here for more information
Click here for downloadable flyer 

Call for Photos 

 Attention ICGC Scholars, ICGC Affiliated Faculty, and MDP Students:
Send us one or two pictures of yourself and/or your fellow ICGCers working together on your academic endeavors (e.g. attending classes, teaching, conducting field work and/or research, attending conferences or the Winter School, etc.) or even just enjoying each others company in your free time, we would love to see them! Brief captions are appreciated! Selected photos will be used in a special photo show at this years Spring Dinner, so please make sure they are appropriate for "public" viewing. And all submitted photos will be added to ICGC's photo archive and may be used for ICGC purposes in the future. 
Thanks in advance for your help with this! Send your photos to Laura at icgc@umn.edu
We look forward to seeing what you have to share with us.
4.28.17  ~ 5:30pm ~ 145 Nicholson Hall 
Institutions of Fear: A Film by Montserrat Armengou and Ricard Belis, 2015
Film screening, followed by a Q & A discussion and talk by the director Montserrat Armengou on "The Role of Investigative Journalism as a Tool for Recovering Historical Memory" 

Gay Chicano Art Exhibit
Quarter Gallery - Regis Center for Art (East)
Opening Reception: 4.29.17 6-8pm
Utopian World-Making: Art, Social Justice, & Communities of Color Symposium
4.28 1:30-5pm 
4.29 9am-5pm 
 InFlux Auditorium - Regis Center for Art (East) 
For a full schedule of symposium activities: cla.umn.edu/chicano-latino

Community Events & News 

AFRO 3625W: Women Writers of Africa & the African Diaspora
w/Professor Njeri Githire 
 Downloadable flyer here
 PubH 7244 Section 101: Community Based Participatory Research 
w/Catherine Jordan and Susan Gust
Downloadable flyer here

 Pangea World Theatre presents:
5 Weeks
 through April 23
5 Weeks tells the stories of broken hearts, shattered images, longing and memories of home during the tumultuous time after borders were drawn to create India and Pakistan in 1947. Inspired by real life events, interviews and fiction, 5 Weeks weaves together multiple strands of stories of people of different faiths and cultures, bringing to life those forced to flee what they once called home, the pressures to choose allegiance, and the desperate search for compassion in a time when humanity hung in the balance.
 More info here

Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes 

2017 Annual Meeting: The Humanities Improvised
10-13 August
Cape Town, South Africa
More information here

The Food Defense Conference 2017
May 3-4, 2017, Commons Hotel
When you observe the world around you, what do you see? What possibilities for healing self and community emerge when you pause to consider your place within a larger network of life? How are your movements, stories, and imagination formed and informed by the these relationships with the environment? Adapting the practice of Augusto Boal and his Rainbow of Desire, this workshop explores the ways in which performance mediates our relationship with the environment. Through movement and oral storytelling, participants will reflect on what they carry into the space, how they connect with the world around them, and why we might consider performance as a way to hear and see the environment otherwise. This will be the first of several performance workshops happening at the Native American Medicine Garden over the spring and summer months.

WHEN: Wednesday April 26th from 2:00-3:00
WHERE: University of Minnesota Native American Medicine Garden (corner of Cleveland and Larpenteur)

* Come dressed for the elements - this event will be rain or shine!
* There will be light snacks and refreshments at the conclusion of the event.

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