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USAID/OTI Senior Assistance Advisor – Worldwide
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Closes: May 4, 2017

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The OTI Senior Assistance Advisor – Worldwide is a full-time Personal Services Contract (PSC) Position at the GS-14 equivalent level and located Worldwide. Applications for this position are due no later than May 05, 2017 at 1:00pm Eastern Time. For full information about this position, as well as instructions on how to apply, please read the entire solicitation at


The Senior Assistance Advisor (SAA) will serve as USAID/OTI’s representative to Special Operations Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve (SOJTF-OIR). The incumbent will work primarily at the US Army’s Camp Arifjan in Kuwait where SOJTF-OIR leads USG and coalition military planning to defeat extremist organizations. USAID/OTI programs will have an important role in helping communities recover from conflict and resist extremist influence. USAID/OTI programs must coordinate and synchronize assistance planning efforts with SOJTF-OIR in order to ensure the USG’s defense and development tools are mutually supportive in degrading extremist organizations while also building the ability of local populations’ to withstand a resurgence of extremist influence or control.

As USAID/OTI’s representative to SOJTF-OIR, the SAA will (1) advise USAID/OTI, the USAID Syria Task Force, and USAID Syria programming platforms on program design in light SOJTF-OIR plans and actions inside Syria; and (2) provide USAID/OTI a representative at SOJTF-OIR that can influence military plans to lay the groundwork for USAID/OTI assistance activities that will follow in communities liberated from extremists. The incumbent will be USAID’s most senior official at SOJTF-OIR and will play an important liaison role for USAID officials beyond OTI, to include the US Embassy Turkey’s Syria Transition Assistance Response Team (START), the USAID Jordan’s Southern Syria Assistance Platform (SSAP), and the USAID Syria Task Force based in Washington DC. As such, the incumbent will be responsible for establishing and managing senior level relationships with US and coalition personnel from various agencies based in Kuwait, Turkey, and Jordan.

The incumbent is considered an expert in the field of political transition programming overseas. The work of the SAA requires teamwork, the exercise of discretion, judgment, and personal responsibility. The SAA is highly flexible and willing to work under conditions of ongoing change, and remains professional and respectful of colleagues and authority in a diverse workforce. The SAA is highly responsible, service-orientated, organized, pays close attention to detail, and is able to receive and respond to constructive criticism in a professional manner. The SAA is a strategic thinker, articulates innovative ideas, presents solutions, and is a positive role model for colleagues both in and outside of USAID.

Duties and Responsibilites
Advise SOJTF-OIR during planning exercises combatting extremism to ensure U.S. government military plans take into account assistance priorities and lay the groundwork for USAID/OTI programs to help communities recover from conflict and return to normalcy;
Provide informed analysis and engage in weekly policy and planning discussions with senior level USAID officials in Washington, as well as with State and USAID officials on the START and SSAP platforms;
Provide expert recommendations and tee up policy decision points for USAID officials to ensure policies and procedures support the SOJTF-OIR mission;
Understand and navigate the international interagency actors involved in operations to counter extremism, ensuring USAID/OTI has a line of communication to key influencers in the policy and planning processes. The SAA will understand who has the necessary information and authorities to facilitate USAID/OTI programming;
Facilitate input and decision making at SOJTF planning exercises based on a nuanced and complex understanding of USAID/OTI program strategies, capabilities, implementation modalities, and monitoring and evaluation systems;
Advise USAID program design to ensure programs support SOJTF-OIR operations and affected communities;
Lead USAID/OTI efforts to solve operational problems with SOJTF-OIR and their partners in order to facilitate timely delivery of assistance;
Provide expert advice to the Commander of SOJTF-OIR and US Army civil affairs teams to shape US military strategic planning and potential direct service deliveries;
Represent USAID Syria programs to official visitors such as Congressional delegations, staff delegations, bilateral donors and national and local foreign government officials;
Interact regularly with the Department of State Senior Civilian and the UK Senior Advisor to coordinate civil military planning efforts with bilateral and multilateral organizations, donors and embassies;
Respond to numerous Requests for Information (RFIs) from both the USAID platforms and the Syria Task Force for information critical to agency decision-making and forward planning;
Analyze and report on current political developments and security concerns to USAID/OTI, START, SSAP, and the Syria Task Force as they relate to USAID Syria programs;
Ensure USAID programs adhere to guidelines and regulations, such as sanctions and export controls against Syria and the prohibition on assistance to designated terrorist organizations and armed groups;
Perform other duties related to this scope of work as determined by the supervisor and in support of USAID/OTI planning and programs.

At a minimum, the applicant must have:

At the GS-14 SAA level:
Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of nine (9) years of progressively responsible work experience;


Master’s degree with a minimum of seven (7) years of progressively responsible work experience;
Minimum of six (6) years of recent project management, representation, political analysis, or training experience with a USG foreign affairs agency, international assistance organization, or non-governmental organization, in community development, stabilization programming, economic development, mediation/arbitration, conflict resolution, democracy and governance, international law, human rights activities, and/or political analysis;
Minimum of two (2) years of overseas field experience working in one or more developing countries undergoing political instability;

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