Global Policy Capstone: Understanding the Complexities of Violent Extremism within Kenya, Kosovo &Tunisia

Global Policy Capstone Presentation: Understanding the Complexities of Violent Extremism within Kenya, Kosovo, and Tunisia

A team of five Humphrey students had the privilege to work with HHH alum Rima Kawas and her colleague Luke Waggoner of the International Republican Institute (IRI) for their Capstone Project focused on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE).

The purpose of their research was to identify the reasons behind the increased engagement in violent extremism methodologies for achieving desired goals. For this project, the students examined causes of Violent Extremism (VE) at the national, community, and individual level in Kenya, Kosovo, and Tunisia. From several months’ desk research and analysis, they were able to delineate between negative factors that drive people to engage in VE, as well as incentives provided by extremist groups for enrollment. The students then created an assessment tool and developed country-specific recommendations based on an examination of best practices of CVE efforts occurring world-wide. Ultimately, this research will be used to guide IRI programing approaches in the three contexts studied.

On April 25, 2017 the team had the opportunity to present their Master's Capstone Project to an audience of 25 country and program staff of the International Republican Institute (IRI) at their headquarters in Washington D.C.

Pictured from left to right: Luke Waggoner (IRI staff), Amineh Safi (MPP ‘17), Taylor Crouch (MPP ‘17), Ashley Bandura (IRI staff), Johanna Tatlow (MDP ‘17), Mark Besonen (MPP ‘17) and Joshua Rud (MPP ‘17).
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