Judd alums working with MDP capstone team

MDP capstone team project profiled by Judd Fellowship Program.

Catching up with the Judd alumni

Anna Martin ('07) and Sarah Thompson ('05), co-founders of Picture Impact , are pleased to work with a group of Master of Development Practice students from the UMN Humphrey School of Public Affairs on a design challenge as a part of the students' Capstone Workshop. Maternal and infant mortality rates, after years of improvement, have become stagnant in many areas of Africa, despite increased investment and intervention. As a social design studio, this type of intractable problem invites Picture Impact to lean in and look in-between the more common frames for gaps, which would benefit from a design perspective. Anna and Sarah said, "We are thoroughly enjoying coaching a fabulous group of students through a design process and collaborating with them as we dive deep into this issue. The project is designed to span several capstone groups and ultimately result in a sale-able package targeted to global partners in the West African region."

Sent by Judd Fellowships at the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance at the University of Minnesota, 100 University International Center, 331 - 17th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN, 55414, USA.
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