Hmong International Freedom Celebration July 1-2, Como Park

37th Annual Hmong International Freedom Celebration (J4) July 1-2, 2017

It’s that time of year again, the first weekend in July, when the Hmong people celebrate freedom at McMurray Fields of St Paul, MN. Hmong Freedom Celebration Map

The Hmong People who have settled here in the St Paul MN area really know what Freedom feels like. General Vang Pao brought the Hmong people here from the refugee camps in Southeast Asia after the end of the Vietnam War.

There are many things to do, see, buy, and taste at the celebration.
COST: $5.00

It is with great anticipation that this year’s 37th Annual Hmong Freedom Celebration Sport Tournament will be hosted by The United Hmong Family & Lao Family Foundation on Saturday, July 1st and Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 at the Como Park’s McMurray Field.

The event will provide ample spaces for various vendors that are not just local community members, but all over the world. Booths will be set up for food, traditional and culture items, educational and informational and other general merchandises. Most of the festival goers are relatives and friends who travel a short distance of a couple of miles to across the ocean from former homeland in Asia. Others are spectators who come to cheer on one another as well as taking part in one of the competitive sporting venues in flag football (both men and women’s), Sepak Takraw (kato), Soccer (men/women’s), tuj lub (top spinning), volleyball (men/women’s) and other fun and games for all ages, gender and physical ability. We have a lot to accomplish within the short amount of time. With number as high as thirty thousand (30,000) people coming to the event each day we will need all of the support we can.
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