MDP students Compton, Giron, Marsh Silva, & Wiedenman awarded Judd Fellowship

Since 2002, 92 students in five Humphrey School supported degree programs (MDP, MPA, MPP, MSTEP, MURP) have been awarded the Judd Fellowship.  Students have worked on field experiences, professional paper research, and internships in 26 countries on four continent.  Most frequent countries where students have undertaken projects include Egypt, Haiti, India, Kenya, Nepal, Switzerland, Tanzania and Uganda.

Congratulations to 2017 Judd Fellowship awardees from the Master of (International) Development Program:

Jennifer Compton
M.D.P. – Program Evaluation Haiti
Compton will travel to Haiti to work in concert with Global Deaf Connection and Haiti Deaf Academy on a project to standardize Haitian Sign Language education and professionalize sign language interpretation. As an external evaluator to the project, she will perform a formative evaluation as the project begins its five-year duration and create recommendations for appropriate monitoring and evaluation going forward. This assessment will play a critical role in the future transparency and success of the project, as well as provide pivotal experience for her own professional training.

Isaac Giron
M.D.P. – Gender Equality and Education Nepal
Along with Judd Fellow Wiedenman, Giron will collaborate with the National Trust for Nature Conservation and local Community Forest User Groups in determining the feasibility of expanding ecotourism and home stay enterprises in the communities surrounding Sauraha Village near Chitwan National Park. The current tourism infrastructure and wildlife are facing pressure in sustaining the influx of tourist activities. A possible long-term solution is to drive tourism traffic toward less-traveled villages in order to relieve the pressure in Sauraha and to ensure other communities share the economic and cultural benefits of incoming tourism.

Isabel Marsh-Silva Judd Alumni Fellow*
M.D.P. – Sustainable Agriculture and Program Evaluation Tanzania
Heavy reliance on agriculture combined with risks due to agricultural pests and water scarcity, have worsened lowness of income, water-born infectious diseases, child malnutrition, and other public health concerns in the region of Karagwe. Using participatory needs assessment methodologies, Marsh-Silva will design and conduct an exploration of the community’s needs in collaboration with a team of graduate students and with Educate Tanzania (ETI), a Minnesota-based nonprofit that works towards the socio-economic transformation of Karagwe, Tanzania.

Erin Wiedenman
M.D.P. – International Education, Sustainable Development Nepal
Along with Judd Fellow Giron, Wiedenman will work to improve livelihoods in the vicinity of Chitwan National Park, where some local villages are not benefiting from the tourism that the park brings to the area. The challenge will be to attract tourists through the creation of new tourist activities while simultaneously promoting conservation and sustainability for threatened or endangered wildlife species, such as one-horned rhinoceroses, tigers, and gharial crocodiles. Wiedenman’s focus will be on conducting a sustainable tourism evaluation and examining what tourism methods have worked well in the larger town of Sauraha.

* The Judd Alumni Fellowship is awarded to the highest-ranked fellowship applicant. The award is made possible by generous support of Judd Fellow alumni.

Funding for the fellowships is provided by a generous gift from the Walter H. Judd Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation and additional funds from the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance. The Judd Fellowship program is proud to also be supported by individual donors, whose generosity has helped to increase the size and number of fellowships. Make a gift today and help grow the impact of the Judd Fellowships!
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