Pacific Fellowships, apps req

The Pacific Fellowship offers small grants to promote peace and social justice in the Pacific. APPLY TODAY!

We write to you with warm greetings as a group of five people who have joined together to start a non-governmental organization, which we call The Pacific Fellowship.

The purpose of The Pacific Fellowship is to offer small grants to promote peace and social justice in the Pacific, designed to encourage individuals to engage in endeavours aimed at nurturing inner peace, or to participate in peace-building activities, in order to foster positive and peaceful relationships with oneself and with others, sustainable over the long haul. For the inner journey, we provide a scholarship for a residential stay at Hosenji Zen Centre in Japan for a lunar month. For the outer journey, we provide a scholarship to cover part of the expenses to participate in a voyage of Peace Boat. After the inner or outer journey, the Fellows are invited to continue their relationship with us and to contribute, in whatever way they would like, to The Pacific Fellowship, helping to create a community of practicing peace-makers who pass the torch onwards.

Further details of our vision for the Pacific Fellowship can be found here- See more at:

This material is cross-posted from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, and appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.   This is meant for information sharing purposes only. 
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