Former Humphrey Fellow Sheth announces new film, Voices of Children

Parul Sheth, a 2012-13 Humphrey Fellow at the UMN Law School, runs Shashav Child Rights and sent this announcement:  "We're excited to announce that today, Independence Day, we are launching a new film.

We decided to do something a bit different and celebrate the voices of children by asking them their opinions on big issues facing the world. Issues it’s often presumed children - let alone children with such a challenging background - wouldn’t have an opinion on. Their inspiring responses show the positive influence children are already having on their communities as a result of Shaishav’s support.

We hope you enjoy it. We'd appreciate your help to spread the word by sharing the film on Facebook or on YouTube.

Parul – Falgun
Children Leading Change"

Sent by Kristi Rudelius-Palmer, CEHD Ph.D. candidate

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