HHH Dr. Wilsey accepts Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Devel award in NY

This spring, the University of Minnesota was named a Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Development Champion for its work in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in El Petén, Guatemala. The University’s collaboration with Rainforest Alliance and the communities in El Péten dates back to work in the early 2000s on what became the EcoPalms market, a multi-year research and market development effort initiated by Humphrey’s Dr. Dave Wilsey, Director of the UMN's Master of Development Practice or MDP program, and CFANS’ Dr. Dean Current, Program Manager of UMN's CINRAM (Center for Integrated Natural Resources and Agricultural Management).

On May 11, Wilsey accepted the award and spoke about this history as a panelist at the Rainforest Alliance’s 2017 Leadership Summit in New York. For each of the last two summers, MDP students have worked with Rainforest Alliance in El Petén as part of the MDP field experience. Their work focus has been on the development of natural resource based livelihood strategies and the integration of such strategies with ongoing conservation efforts.

For information about 2016 Humphrey School student project in Guatemala, see http://globalnotes.hhh.umn.edu/2016/08/mdp-team-update-from-guatemala.html
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