Humphrey Fellows alums Mendoza, Arellano & Molitas speak at Humphrey Voices event in Philippines

Update sent by former Coordinator of the Humphrey Fellows Program at UMN Law School, Ms. Kristi Rudelius-Palmer:  An additional Humphrey Fellow who participated in the alumni event was Judge Amelia "Aimee" Mendoza, 2015-16 Humphrey Fellow at the UMN Law School.

She participated in the event,  delivered the closing remarks, and actually coordinated the entire event at Silliman University, where she is teaching at its Law School.

former Humphrey Fellows Avellano & Molitas speak at Philippines alumni event
Posted: 24 Jul 2017 02:30 PM PDT
Humphrey alumni at the 16th Humphrey Voice Series in the Philippines (L to R): Arnel Jose Bañas, Criselda Caringal, Amy Avellano, Kimberly Esteban Molitas, and Nicolas Pichay.
Philippine Humphrey Alumni Lecture on Ethical Dilemmas in a Changing Nation

Five Humphrey alumni presented their lectures in Silliman University's 16th Humphrey Voice Series"Ethical Dilemmas in a Changing Nation" in the Philippines. Nicolas Pichay (Syracuse University, 2017-2018) spoke about "Discovering Ethics Hidden in Plain Sight," while Criselda Marie Caringal (Arizona State University, 2015-2016) discussed "Ethics in the Time of Trolls."

Amy Alabado Avellano (University of Minnesota, 2008-2009) shed light on "Ethics and the Legal Profession" and Kimberly Molitas (University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs, 2014-2015) talked about "Ethics in the Police Force." Arnel Jose Bañas (University of Washington, 2007-2008) served as the reactor.

This was the largest Humphrey Voice Series to date, with 5 speakers and 700 attendees.

crossposted from IIE's Humphrey Fellowship Weekly Report July 21, 2017
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