2017 Young Peacebuilders’ Forum at Alliance For Peacebuilding Conf (Wash DC)

Attend The 2017 Young Peacebuilders’ Forum At The Alliance For Peacebuilding Conference, DC

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At a time when the international community is struggling to respond to increasing instances of violent conflict and new challenges threaten to derail the effectiveness of international peacebuilding initiatives, the vehicle for lasting change lies in the hands of the next generation of peacebuilders. The world’s youth hold the power to uphold, innovate, and transform. The next generation of peacebuilders will be key to achieving sustainable peace worldwide.

The Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) invites the students, recent graduates, and young professionals who comprise this next generation of peace practitioners to come together in the spirit of collaboration and innovation at the 2017 Young Peacebuilders’ Forum in Washington, DC. This half-day event, held in conjunction with AfP’s 2017 Annual Conference, is designed to educate and empower the future purveyors of sustainable peace. The Forum will feature a series of workshops, panels, and small breakout sessions geared toward helping attendees better understand the field of peacebuilding while honing their personal and professional skills. Forum participants will hear from an array of seasoned peacebuilding practitioners on topics that range from career tips and post-graduate opportunities in peacebuilding to emerging trends in conflict resolution practices.

Originally conceived as an opportunity for youth to join the Annual Conference, the Young Peacebuilders’ Forum has rapidly evolved into an event suitable for all ages. If you’re new to the peacebuilding field or simply interested in learning more about the role of youth in peacebuilding, the Young Peacebuilders’ Forum will offer a wealth of knowledge and potential opportunities. AfP welcomes all participants, from the least experienced to the most practiced professionals, to join in on this consequential conversation.

At the 2016 Young Peacebuilders’ Forum, Dr. Craig Zelizer, co-founder of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, delivered an impactful keynote speech outlining strategies for building a career that will have a meaningful impact on the world. A series of small-group breakout sessions provided Forum participants with tips for building a knock-out resume, insight into the world of start-ups, perspectives from professionals in the peacebuilding field, and strategies for pursuing a career in peacebuilding. This year’s expanded and reinvigorated Young Peacebuilders’ Forum will provide participants with similar exclusive opportunities and much more.

Are you an emerging leader who is interested or already in engaged in the peacebuilding field?

Do you think that youth have the potential to effect meaningful change?

Are you invested in finding effective solutions to global conflict?

The 2017 Young Peacebuilders’ Forum is for you! Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to gain an insider’s perspective and jump-start your future career in peacebuilding and conflict resolution!

Registration for the 2017 Young Peacebuilders’ Forum is now open. Visit the Alliance for Peacebuilding’s website for more information about registration. Additional information about the Forum, including a detailed agenda, will be available on AfP’s conference webpage. For additional questions, please contact Rachelle Faust, Annual Conference Associate, at rachelle@allianceforpeacebuilding.org

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