MDP Marsh-Silva field exp in Tanzania

Isabel Marsh-Silva's* field experience took place in the region of Karagwe, Tanzania. This endeavor was possible thanks to the financial support of the Stassen and Judd fellowships along with an IPID grant. Marsh-Silva was the only member representing her team in the field while performing a participatory needs assessment towards the design of a development intervention lead by an American NGO. Being by herself in the field allowed Marsh-Silva to grow in self-sufficiency and gain personal strength. As part of the activities, she performed were ten focus groups: In eight, she assisted the lead professor with observations and suggestions and in the last two, she took the lead, facilitating one focus group with just women, and one with only men. In total, she performed nine formal interviews, seven informal interviews, five site visits along with several daily observations. Conducting these needs assessment activities increased her interest in formative and participative evaluation.     

During her time in Tanzania, she not only learned about the culture, the challenges that the population faces, their hopes, and their dreams for the future, but also, she acquired some Swahili to survive in a non-English-speaking region. In Addition, Marsh-Silva improved her interviewing skills by conducting these with government officials, NGO representatives, Tanzanians and international volunteers. Looking forward, she plans to continue participating in development projects in which beneficiaries are key components of the formulation process and creation of evaluation tools that will give them ownership, and will ensure relevance and success for the project.**

*Isabel Marsh-Silva is a Colombia native

**Details of the project and findings are omitted by petition of the client
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