Rights scholars from Mexico visiting UMN 2017-18

Humphrey School Professor James Ron introduces 20171-8 visiting international Human Rights Program scholars David Crow and Georgina Rojas (see bios linked to their names below):

"My close friend and co-author, David Crow, has just arrived in the Twin Cities from Mexico for a one-year sabbatical with the University of Minnesota’s Human Rights Program and Global Studies unit. David and his wife, Georgina Rojas, are both on prestigious, highly competitive Mexican government fellowships for their sabbatical research. 
David is an Associate Professor of International Studies at CIDE - Mexico’s leading venue for social science and economic research, and is an expert on Mexican politics and survey research. He is past director of CIDE's long-standing survey project, The Americas and the World, and my co-author on many writing projects, including our forthcoming book.  

Georgina is Professor of Sociology at CIESAS, Mexico’s leading training ground for anthropologists and sociologists. She  is an expert on Mexican migrants, families, and gender, among other things. She will be spending her sabbatical with our department of Chicano and Latino studies.  She intends to spend this year studying Hispanic labor organizing in the US.

David trained at UT Austin, and has supervised extensive, face-to-face surveys with my team in Colombia, India, Mexico, Morocco, and Nigeria. He is an impressive combination of gregarious, “get comfortable anywhere with anyone" field researcher, quantitative analyst, and survey virtuoso. He is also a terrific public speaker, and can give interesting, empirically-based talks on survey methods and experiments; Mexican politics and democratization; and international relations (especially cross national attitudes towards human rights and the US)."

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