HHH students--Rosenthal applications due Nov 6 Monday

Rosenthal Fellowship in International Relations - Summer 2018 in DC

Rosenthal Fellowship in International Relations - Summer 2018 in DC
Internal HHH application deadline: 11:59 pm, Monday, November 6, 2017.

The Harold W Rosenthal Fellowship in International Relations Summer 2018 offers students pursuing a career in international relations and security policy the opportunity to spend a summer in professional fellowship positions in the US Congress or at a US government agency (including the State Department and the Department of Defense) in Washington, DC.

Eligibility: The program is open to all graduate students enrolled in APSIA-member schools (Humphrey is an APSIA member school), are returning to school full-time in Fall 2018, can demonstrate a commitment to public service and express a keen interest in international relations. The Humphrey School is allowed to nominate three students to apply for the fellowship.

For more information about Harold Rosenthal and the Rosenthal Fellowship including where previous fellows have interned, see the attachments and go to http://www.rosenthalfellowship.org/

(DEADLINE - 11:59 pm, Sunday, November 6, 2017)

Please submit the following materials to Chris Buckley at cbuckley@umn.edu by11:59 pm on Sunday, November 6, 2017. Materials should be attached to your email. Please put Rosenthal Application Materials in the subject line of the email.

1. A brief (250 words or less) statement of interest as to why you would like to be a Rosenthal Fellow and how that relates to your education and career goals.

2. Resumé (1-2 page) showing education and experience relevant to a career in international affairs*

3. A two-page (single-spaced) original policy memo style essay written for this application on a current international affairs topic of the student's choice. The essay should not refer to you personally. This essay is key; it must be succinct, well-written and showcase your knowledge of a current international affairs topic.*

*Note: The resumé and original essay should be your best first-draft work. If you are chosen to be a nominee, we will work with you in polishing both for final submission.

You will be notified by Monday, November 13 whether you have been chosen as an HHH nominee.


If you are a nominee, all remaining materials (unofficial transcripts, letter of reference, application form and final copies of your resumé and essay) will be due to Chris Buckley (cbuckley@umn.edu) on Monday, November 27, 2017.

1. Unofficial transcripts: An academic transcript from universities previously attended (unofficial accepted). An academic transcript from your current graduate program. The Fall 2017 semester transcript with grades should be sent when available (in early January 2018).

2. Reference Letter: If you are selected as a nominee, you will need to submit a letter of reference from a professor or professional associate with direct knowledge of your interests and abilities. NOTE: Please inform your proposed recommender that you may be requesting such a letter in mid-November. It may also be helpful to offer to draft the letter.

3. Application form: We will provide this.

Questions about the Rosenthal application process? Please contact Chris Buckley cbuckley@umn.edu or Sherry Gray grayx260@umn.edu

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