Naw Aye Aye Hlaing (Humphrey Fellow) highlighted in Gender Policy Report Newsletter

Humphrey Student in the Spotlight
Naw Aye Aye Hlaing, Humphrey International Fellow

The Humphrey School of Public Affairs recently welcomed Naw Aye Aye Hlaing as a Humphrey International Fellow. Naw comes to the Humphrey from Myanmar, where she worked for Women Can Do It after receiving her Master’s degree studying gender and development in Thailand. Women Can Do It is funded by Norwegian People’s Aid and provides support to engage women in politics in Myanmar. As part of the organization, Naw provided training for women leaders, built a network of women from different sectors, published resources, and promoted engagement and raised awareness of women in politics. In the most recent national election in Myanmar, 13 alumni of the training program ran for office and two women were elected. During her time at the Humphrey, Naw hopes to learn more about how to integrate gender-sensitive approaches into politics and develop movement strategies that support women. She is interested in learning more about civic engagement and the process of legislation and advocacy work.

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