Nov 14 Gendered Performances of Secondary Schooling in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Maisha Badaaye, “Life Comes Later”: Gendered Performances of Secondary Schooling and Aspirations in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Date: Tue, 11/14/2017 - 12:00pm
Event Location: 537 Heller Hall

Presented by: Emily Morris, Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development & Abrahman Faki Othman, Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Zanzibar, Tanzania

Challenging the international and colonial script that adolescent girls from Zanzibar fail and drop out of school at higher rates, and set their aspirations lower than boys, Emily Morris (PhD candidate, OLPD) and Abrahman Faki Othman (Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Zanzibar, Tanzania) are partnering with youth to rewrite these scripts. When Emily and Abrahman started working together on a Ministry/non-governmental organization collaboration on early childhood development access and policy making, they did not imagine that over ten years later they would still be teaming up to conduct longitudinal youth research. Following the same 1,500 young people since they were in the first grade through mid-secondary schooling, this team has been collaborating with youth to understand the various aspirations and pathways of students from rural, marginalized schools. In addition to their quantitative research using the popular theater approach, they have been working together with a group of 40 urban and rural secondary school students to write and perform stories about how and why young people are being pushed out of Zanzibar’s education system.

Light lunch available.
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