Nov 19 Ethiopia to Minnesota: Closer Than You Think

Ethiopia to Minnesota

When: Sunday, November 19, 2017
Time: 4-5:30 pm
Where: The Norway House, 913 E Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55404
Cost: Free but space is limited. Reserve your ticket at:
Oromo appetizers will be served

The Oromo diaspora in the Twin Cities, the largest Oromo diaspora in the United States, are always mindful of the political situation in Ethiopia. Their family members and friends may subjected to unlawful detainment, imprisonment, disappearance or possibly death. These concerns are completely founded in Ethiopian past history and even more so because of recent events.

The Oromo as the largest ethnicity in Ethiopia represent the largest opposition to the totalitarian undemocratic Ethiopian government. The Ethiopian government’s response to peaceful demonstrations promoting fair and democratic elections has been violent.

The Ethiopian government heavily relies on US foreign aid to stay in power. The United States turns a blind eye to the blatant abuses despite its own State Department’s reports and collaborative reporting from human rights advocate NGOs. United Oromo Voices (UOV) calls on their fellow community members to help them stop the human right abuses in Ethiopia by insisting the United States withholds funding until the Ethiopian government conducts free and democratic elections and ends human rights violations.

UOV invites you to learn how joining your voice with your Oromo neighbors can create real change in Ethiopia. Please join us for a panel discussion with Robin Phillips, Executive Director of Advocates for Human Rights, Amy Bergquist, Advocates for Human Rights Staff Attorney, Curt Goering, Executive Director of Center for Victims of Torture and leaders from the Oromo community.

The event entitled "Ethiopia to Minnesota: Closer Than You Think," seeks to draw attention to recent protests in Ethiopia, the subsequent crackdown, and the role of the U.S. in supporting the Ethiopian government. The link is here.

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