Fellowship: Sping Lin & Ying-Ngoh T. Lin China Center Visiting Scholars Initiative

The China Center is currently accepting applications for the Sping Lin and Ngoh T. Lin Visiting Scholars Initiative. The application deadline for a spring 2018 award is January 31, 2018.

Preferred fundable activities include those that develop new, or strengthen existing, institutional and faculty-to-faculty relationships with Chinese partners; support outstanding research projects from across the University that are poised to make significant contributions to their field; and/or increase opportunities for meaningful student engagement.

Examples of fundable activities include:
  • Research and academic collaborations
  • Conferences, symposia, and workshops
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Professional consultation and collaboration
  • Faculty exchange programs
  • Select travel costs, including international airfare (to/from China) for visiting faculty
Application materials:
  • Online application form
  • Proposal: Upload a 3-page (maximum) proposal that details: -Why you or your department wish to bring a visiting scholar to campus? -How the collaboration between this visiting scholar and your department will contribute to building on existing UMN institutional partnerships, sustain and enhance future activities between UMN and China, advance strategic international goals, and/or reflect the Grand Challenges initiative. 
  • CV/Resume for Visiting Scholar
  • CV/Resume for Host Faculty Member
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