Scholarships at Shanghai University

Shanghai University is accepting applications for scholarships at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, for programs in Chinese and in English.

Various deadlines: 1 April to 15 May, 2018.
For information regarding scholarships:

The following programs may be of particular interest to foreign students:

1. Study Program in International Relations and Diplomacy

International Relations and Diplomacy is an English-taught post-graduate program specially designed for international students. It is a sub-field of the multi-disciplinary Post-graduate Program of Global Studies (PPGS) at Shanghai University. The graduate students are expected to get a deep understanding about the international relations between China and the West, especially the development of contemporary China under the global context by taking courses in History, Sociology, Language, Politics

For more information:

2. PhD at the David F. Musto Center for Drugs and National Security Studies

Established in 2010, the David F. Musto Center for Drugs and National Security Studies at Shanghai University was named after Dr. David Franklin Musto (1936–2010), who was an expert on drug policy, a professor of the Yale School of Medicine, and the first Honorable director of the Center. The center focuses on drugs and national/trans-national security, the social history of drugs (legal and/or illegal) and medicine, the international drug policy, Chinese drug policy, and also concerned about other issues related to drug and drinks. The Musto Center expects to improve policy and decision-making of the international community through research and analysis.

PhD projects are welcome on topics related to
- international cold war history;
- global health histories;
- China-US relations.

Contact: Professor Yong-an Zhang,

3. PhD at the Center for the History of Global Development (under construction)

The Center for the History of Global Development is a research focus established at the College of Liberal Arts at Shanghai University in 2016. Through conferences, workshops, publications and discussion panels, the Center seeks to contribute to interdisciplinary scholarly debates on concepts and practices of “development” as a phenomenon which has shaped much of recent global history while often remaining conceptually vague or contradictory.

PhD projects are invited particularly but not exclusively in the following fields:

- international organizations and development;

- alternative, non-mainstream concepts and practices of development, including experiences, promises, risks and limitations (i.e. fog harvesting, no-till farming, transition towns, urban agriculture, buen vivir, Ubuntu, cradle-to-cradle design, fair trade…);

- concepts of and experience with non-growing economic systems.

Contact: Professor Iris Borowy, .

Scholarships are available in all cases.
Type: Fellowship
Date: April 1, 2018
Location: China
Subject Fields: Contemporary History, Economic History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, World History / Studies

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