2018 Diversity Abroad Conference

2018 Diversity Abroad Conference: New Realities & Untapped Potential! http://conference.diversitynetwork.org/registration/

The professionals who attend the Diversity Abroad Conference range from Senior International or Chief Diversity Officers to human resources and career services professionals. Professionals who attend the conference can expect to:
Identify & share best practices with colleagues committed to diversity & inclusive excellence
Establish & maintain relationships with more than 500 professionals & student leaders
Expand their understanding through the conference tracks and in-depth workshops
Engage in critical dialogue through thought-provoking speakers & innovative session formats
Stay abreast of trends & new resources in the field of international education


Whether you're interested in exploring the value of diversity in global education, looking for new and creative ways to support diverse students throughout the education abroad process, or seeking ways to collaborate with other professionals in the field, this conference is not to be missed. You should attend the Diversity Abroad Conference if you are interested in:
Gaining a better understanding of developments in the area of diversity and inclusion in global education.
Being in a dedicated space to work with colleagues from around the nation to generate meaningful responses to the challenges colleges and universities face in reaching and supporting diverse and underrepresented populations for international programs.
Using your time at the conference to identify opportunities to engage and collaborate with colleagues from yours and other institutions.


The professionals who attend the Diversity Abroad Conference range from Senior International or Chief Diversity Officers to human resources and career services professionals. Attendees come to the Diversity Abroad Conference from the following types of offices/organizations:
US and non-US Education Abroad & International Education (Senior International Officers, Directors, & Advisors)
Career Services
Diversity/Multicultural (Chief Diversity Officers, Directors, & Advisors)
Deans, Faculty & Academic Department Chairs
Student Academic Support (TRiO)
High School Counselors
International Students and Scholarship Services ( Directors & Advisors)
Public/Private Sector Human Resources & Recruitment Professionals
Representatives from Education Abroad Organizations
Graduate Students
Government Representatives from Ministries of Education & Foreign Affairs

Funding Particiption

You know why you want to attend the Diversity Abroad Conference, but you may need management’s approval to register. There are several strategies you can use that you can use to communicate effectively the value of your participation in conference activities. We have included a few below to get you started.

Title: Develop a list of things you expect to gain through the conference, and build your case by highlighting (1) how the issues covered at the conference affect your institution/organization & (2) how you and your institution/organization benefit from meeting others in the field working on these issues.
Title: Send a formal memo/your standard request form to your manager requesting permission to attend and outline your reasons for attending.
Title: Schedule a follow-up meeting with your boss to discuss the request.

Mentoring Match-Up

The DAC Mentoring Match-Up is designed to illicit engagement between professionals with 5+ years of experience and students/new professionals. Diversity Abroad will provide the contact information of the matched mentor and mentee so that the pair may engage in conversations leading up to the conference and determine a meeting time at the conference to discuss academic and career goals. Depending on the number of mentorship requests, the mentor may be asked to be paired with more than one mentee. You will have an opportunity to sign up as a mentor or mentee through the registration system.
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