Apr 9 Branwen Gruffydd Jones at Minnesota International Relations Colloquium

MIRC is very excited to host Prof. Branwen Gruffydd Jones of Cardiff University on April 9th. Prof. Gruffydd Jones will present her working paper 'The weapon of culture: anticolonial thought and practice from Paris and Dakar to Havana and Algiers' for which you can find the abstract attached below.

The  talk will be at the usual MIRC time and place: 3:30-5:00 in Lippincott Room. As always, coffee and good conversation will be provided.  Please contact MIRC if you would like a copy of the paper.

Looking forward to seeing many of you there,
MIRC organizers
(Emily, Elif, and Samarjit)

The weapon of culture: anticolonial thought and practice from Paris and Dakar to Havana and Algiers

The experience of and struggles against colonialism and racism generated multiple strands of political thought and debate. African anticolonial struggles involved a set of debates about questions of race, culture and liberation which spanned several decades and continents – Africa, Europe and the Caribbean. These contributions and debates took place in the pages of journals such as Pr├ęsence Africaine, Mensagem and Souffles, and in a series of meetings and festivals, including the First International Conference of Black Artists and Writers in Paris,1956; the Second Congress of Black Artists and Writers, in Rome 1959; the First World Festival of Black Art in Dakar, 1966; the Tricontinental Conference of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America, held in Havana, 1966, at which Cabral made his famous speech ‘The Weapon of Theory’; and the Pan African Festival in Algiers, 1969. This paper follows the relationships and interventions of the liberation movements of Portugal’s African colonies as a central thread to explore how anticolonial thought was forged through debates and practice. The paper focuses in particular on the contested and much debated question of the role of culture in decolonization and national liberation, theorized in different ways by Senghor, Fanon, Neto and Cabral.
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