HHH students--Stassen & Lucas grant apps due March 20

Need funds for summer overseas or international-themed projects in the US? Applications for Humphrey students doing internships, field experiences, summer projects are due March 20.  Follow the links below for more information.

Lucas: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B99ebkG0WZZQVEM4dzFKTm9XRDJGOGFfeUxxV2Z1YWI0bTBj


Stassen and Lucas International Grants 2018

Budget Worksheet to Accompany Application

The Stassen and Lucas grants are intended to support travel, research, internship, field experience and living expenses abroad. Please itemize all expenses to be incurred by your project, providing as much detail and individual budget item justification as possible. Please note that tuition/program fees for study abroad program, foreign language study or foreign university can not be covered by the Stassen or Lucas grants. Requests for mileage or per diem expenses should not exceed amounts permitted by University travel regulations.

 Information on the UMN travel policy is available at http://policy.umn.edu/Policies/Education/Student/EDABROAD.html

Applicant’s Name:
Project Location/Organization Name:

Transportation to/from internship site                                              
Local transportation                                                                            
Visa, residency fees                                                                           
Pre-trip medical expenses (required for destination)                        
Room and board                                                                                
Research or project materials (please list and justify)                        
UMN CISI international medical insurance (required)                    
Miscellaneous expenses while outside the US (please list)              
Other    (list)                                                                                       
Total Project Budget                                                                         
Amount received from other sources (list)                                       

Amount requested                                                                             

 Budget narrative (please list any other information about your project budget or finances that the Stassen/Lucas grants committee should know in considering your application):

 Please list other fellowship or grant applications pending and award announcement dates (if known):
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