HHH Team researching gender & global climate change

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Spotlight: Humphrey Professor Gabe Chan Researches Gender and Climate Change

Professor Chan (front row, second from left) and his research team.

In the past year, Humphrey School Professor Gabe Chan, with his team of graduate researchers, Lindsey Forsberg, Peder Garnaas-Halvorson, and Samantha Holte, has focused part of his research on gender and climate policy. Chan’s research analyzes the growing need for more equitable climate policy, especially one that considers the impact of climate change on gender equity in developing countries. Many climate funds have adopted policies requiring or encouraging the inclusion of gender benefits, alongside climate benefits, in the projects they fund. Chan and his research team are exploring why climate funds have these guidelines and what outcomes and effects they are having on gender equity in implementation. Members of his research team have attended the last two rounds of United Nations climate change negotiations in Morocco and Bonn as observers and met with experts in the field. They will be co-convening a panel on “A Gender-Responsive Approach to Adaptation – across policy, financing, and implementation” at the Adaptation Futures Conference in South Africa later this year.

Learn more about Professor Chan and his research herehttp://chan-lab.umn.edu/
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