Humphrey Alum Khetran joins Balochistan Rural Development & Community Empowerment Program

2013-14 Humphrey International Fellow at the UMN Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Rahim Khetram, has joined the Rural Support Program Network on as Research Coordinator for the Balochistan Rural Development & Community Empowerment Program. 

The program website, ('Balochistan Rural Development and Community Empowerment Program; BRDCEP) is as below;

When at the University of Minnesota, Mr. Khetran was the Executive Director and Founder of the Sustainable Educational & Environmental Development (SEED) in Balochistan, established in 2006 in order to work for deprived and marginalized people of his province. His previous professional experience includes working as Provincial Research Lead with the Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI), Islamabad. He was also the Field Manager for the Institute for Public Opinion Research, a USAID funded project for the Political Party Development Program (PPDP) that helps political parties of Pakistan to attain democracy both inside and outside the party. He was a member of youth parliament of Pakistan from 2008-09, published several articles in journals, and authored a book about the nature and extent of disaster management in Balochistan.
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