March 30 Land, class and secession on the Kenyan coast

Land, class and secession on the Kenyan coast
Fri, 03/30/2018 -12:00pm to 1:00pm
Heller Hall 537

Presenter: Natasha Issa Shivji, Lecturer, University of Dodoma, history department, Tanzania; PhD candidate, New York university, History Department

Abstract: My research focuses on secessionist movements in Mombasa and the North Eastern Province in Kenya. I argue secessionist movements in Kenya have arisen as a result of the economic contradictions produced by a crisis of capital ( particularly in relation to land) on the global capitalist periphery. Secessionist movements have come to embody the language of this crisis in a political framework that is legible to the central Kenyan state- the language of the nation-state and western liberal politics. In this presentation I focus specifically on the crisis of land grabbing and commodification in Mombasa that has come into stark confrontation with Islamic institutions of communal land holdings. This conflict of land has been made politically legible to the state through demands of secession.
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