Apr 18 & 26 Golmah: The Jewish Wonder Woman

Written and Performed by Cia Sautter with Michael Hauser and Dagmara Gutman, Directed by Cynthia Uhrich, Art Direction by Paige Dansinger

Thursday, April 19 and Thursday, April 26
7:00 pm
Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets can be purchased online at:

What if the legend is wrong? What if the real story was even more fantastic? Golmah offers drama, humor, entertainment, and even audience participation to find out what really happened in the classic tale of the Golem. There really was a Rabbi named Judah Loew, who supposedly made a Golem creature for protecting Jews against oppression. But what actually happened?

The main storyteller in Golmah offers how the women of Prague actually made the first creature. While the women are successful in making a Golmah -female Golem - they begin to question whether or not they should have done so. The story deals specifically with violence against a minority group and women from the past, but raises issues about our own society.
Cia Sautter is the writer and main performer of Golmah. She dances, acts and tells stories to translate old tales into modern dramas. With a doctorate in Religion and the Arts from the Graduate Theological Union, she brings a wealth of training and experience to her work. Though she has learned many dance forms, Cia now focuses on Flamenco. Inspired by acting study, especially at the Globe theatre in London, she gradually developed Storydance Theatre, using a combination of active storytelling and dance, and has performed at small venues and schools, in larger shows with Anda Flamenco, featured as a soloist in Zorongo student shows, and performed nationally and internationally at conferences and events. Cia has a new book published by Routledge on The Performance of Religion: Seeing the Sacred in Theatre. Her previous publication, The Miriam Tradition, was appreciated by many for its emphasis on women's contributions to the performing arts in Jewish community life.

For this performance, Cia works with flamenco guitarist Michael Hauser. He is the "Father of Flamenco in the Midwest" and has studied with several of Spain's grteat flamenco guitarists, including Luis Maravilla, Nino Ricardo, Justo Badajoz, and Juan Maya "Marote." He has received numerous grant and honors, and has taught most flamenco guitarists in the local area.

Dagmara Gutman will serve as an additional dancer for the performance. A longtime flamenco dancer and performer, Dagmara has studied flamenco locally with Susana Di Palma and Kristina Di Sacramento, as well as with teachers in Spain. Locally she performed solo work with the group El Fredo. Dagmara is Jewish, born in St. Petersburg during Soviet times, and also skilled in Russian Gypsy dance and a published poet. She brings her dramatic flair and rhythmic expertise to this production.
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