Apr 9 HHH Ph.D. candidate Bolgrien on "Feminization of Migration & of Haitian Slums"

Humphrey School doctoral student Anna Bolgrien will present her research on the feminization of migration and slums in Haiti in our next session in PA 8006 Current Research in Public Affairs.

Anna is doing this presentation before she presents a paper at a conference sponsored by the Population Association of America, the larrgest demography conference in the US. Anna's abstract is below. Please join us Monday, April 9, 11:15 a.m., in HHH 184.

Title: Feminization of Migration and of Haitian Slums

Abstract: There is very little research on demography and health in slums, which is especially concerning given increasing rates of urbanization in settings such as Haiti where the urban infrastructure has not kept pace with the increasing numbers of slum dwellers. The GHESKIO Demographic and Health Survey conducted from July-October 2016 in four slum communities in Port-au-Prince helps fill this gap. The study’s major finding was the over-representation of women age 14-34 and under representation of children than suggested by nationwide and urban population estimate. The feminization of the slums might be a direct of result of feminization of internal migration. We analyze the context of global feminization of urban areas, the feminization of rural-urban migration in Haiti, and the reasons for migration to the slum area. We also analyze how the women, and in particular migrant women, fare within the slums looking at both sociodemographic characteristics and living characteristics.

Anna is a PhD student in the Humphrey School of Public Affairs with a focus on global policy and international development. She is a graduate research assistant at IPUMS-international and a population trainee.

Before coming to the University of Minnesota, Anna earned a MA in Demography and Social Analysis from the University of California, Irvine (2015). Currently, she is working on projects in formal demography, infant mortality, urban slum migration (with Dr. Audrey Dorelien), and giving voice to children through the improvement of survey technologies and methodologies (with Dr. Deborah Levison). She is also involved with KidsGive, a nonprofit organization that works to educate students in the U.S. about African life and culture while providing children in Sierra Leone with educational opportunities and improved sanitation.
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