Call for Papers, 5th World Conference on Remedies to Racial and Ethnic Economic Inequality

The Roy Wilkins Center for Human Relations and Social Justice of The University of Minnesota is co-hosting the 5th World Conference on Remedies to Racial and Ethnic Economic Inequality, September 26th-29th 2018, in Vitória, Brazil.

This email serves as a request for listserv distribution for the call for papers, found here

The conference, held on a primarily Afro-Brazilian University campus, will encompass disparities in public health, education, civic engagement, socioeconomic standing, and representation. Subtopics include:
  • Longer term consequences of persistent poverty and inequality in access to quality health care among low-income, racial and ethnic minority group members.
  • Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of alternative policy interventions designed to reduce racial and ethnic economic inequality 
  • Problems of political corruption and uneven development.
  • Causes and consequences of inequalities in access to health care and alternative health care delivery systems.
  • Racial identity and the evolution of policies in higher education, public employment, and government contracting and procurement.
  • Innovative policies designed to remedy racial and ethnic economic inequality: baby bonds, universal employment, guaranteed minimum income plans.
Deadline for abstracts: April 15th

More information for the conference can be found here.

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