Call for Papers: IASE conference in Tanzania on “Empowering Persons with Disabilities: Developing Resilience & Inclusive Sustainable Devel.”


16th Biennial Conference of the International Association of Special Education (IASE)
“Empowering Persons with Disabilities:
Developing Resilience and Inclusive Sustainable Development.”
Magamba, Tanzania, East Africa
July 13 – 17, 2019
A collaborative Effort by the

International Association of Special Education & Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University (SEKOMU)

The IASE Board cordially invites all interested parties to submit presentation proposals.
Please review all submission criteria. Then complete and submit the proposal presentation form by October 1, 2018. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Proposals are to be submitted electronically to Dr. Brenda Lazarus via the website Look for Call for Proposals. Any additional questions contact her at
All presenters will be required to pay their registration fees by March 1, 2019 to be included in the conference program.

October 1, 2018 Deadline for submission of proposals
December 1, 2018 Notification of acceptance of proposals
February 1, 2019 Early Special Rates Registration Fees End
February 1, 2019 Conference Proceedings Due
After February 1, 2019 Late Conference Fees
 March 1, 2019 All presenters must be registered for conference

Types of Sessions Offered: Lecture, Multiple Presentation Panel and Round Table Poster Sessions.

Three presentation formats are available for session selection. Select the format that best fits the content and learner outcomes of your proposal from those listed below. Due to limited program slots, the Program Chair may determine it necessary to assign your session a format or length of time different from the one you select.
Lecture: 60, 45, 30 minutes for individuals to present material about a specific topic. Interaction in this format is typically limited to questions and answers. Lectures should have no more than 4 presenters.

Multiple Presentation Panel: sessions in which 2 or more presenters are given approximately 20 minutes each to present their papers on a common topic, followed by 15 minutes of dialogue led by a discussant. The Program Co-Chairs will group and assign proposals to these sessions.

Format: A multiple presentation provides an opportunity to examine specific research issues, problems, or topics from a variety of perspectives. This would provide panel discussion format targeted at a clearly delineated research issue or idea. It may also provide interaction within the group. This should have no more than 4 presenters.

Round Table Poster Sessions: 30-minute sessions which visually present a research study, program or project and provide interaction with the participants.

Format: Poster sessions are designed to foster maximum interaction with the audience. There will be multiple poster sessions assigned to each time slot. Attendees will share conversations and interact with a specific poster in round table discussion. Poster session presenters must: (1) prepare a poster exhibit of high quality that can stand alone in conveying information, and (2) attend the entire poster session and address questions from attendees.

Acceptance of Another Session Type: If you are willing to accept another session format, please check the appropriate box.

Acceptance of an Alternative Session Length: If you are willing to accept a session of a different length, e.g., 30 minutes, instead of 1 hour please check the appropriate box.

Audio Visual: Each room at the conference site is equipped with a projection system and a screen.

Number of Presenters Including Proposer: Indicate the total number of presenters who will be participating in the presentation.

Note: The number of presenters must be appropriate for the length of the session (e.g., a poster session or a 1-hour lecture should include no more than 2 presenters. Main presenter is allowed one presentation. List all presenters.

Proposer Contact Information: The following information is required for the proposer. Be sure to use LAST NAME, FIRST NAME format as it will be written in the conference program.
• Last Name, First Name (as presented in the program)
• Position and Title
• School/Organization
• Permanent Mailing Address
• E-mail address

If your proposal is accepted, ALL individual presenters must register by March 1, 2019 to have their name(s) included in the conference program. To avoid any disappointment and having to cancel your attendance of an accepted proposal, please check the costs of travel to Magamba, Tanzania and your ability to obtain a VISA prior to submission. IASE does not provide any stipends for travel, registration, meals and housing.

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IASE Presentation Proposal
16th Biennial Conference
Magamba, Tanzania, East Africa
July 13 – 17, 2019
Submit to Dr. Brenda Lazarus by October 1, 2018

1. Name (Last Name):
2. First Name:
3. Position and Title:
4. School and or Organization:
5. Permanent Mailing Address (City, State, Province, Country):
6. Email Address:
7. Names of Additional Presenters (Last and First name for the Program):
8. Contact Information for Additional Presenters:
9. Email Address for Additional Presenters:
10. Title of Presentation: Limit to 12 words. Longer titles will be edited.
11. Abstract: Limit to 50 words.

12. Type of Session (select one):
◻ Lecture
◻ Multiple Presentation Panel
◻ Roundtable/Poster Session

13. Time of Session (select one):
◻ 30 minutes
◻ 45 minutes
◻ 60 minutes

14. Willing to take another type/time:
◻ yes
◻ no
15. Focus Area (select one):
◻ Research
◻ Advancing Policy/Advocacy
◻ Practice

16. Topic Area (select one):
◻ Empowering and Mobilizing Youth
◻ Employment
◻ Transition
◻ Vocational Training
◻ Entrepreneurship
◻ Inclusive Practices and Equity
◻ Gender Equality
◻ Indigenous and vulnerable populations
◻ Life-Long Learning
◻ Sustainable Life-Styles
◻ Peace and Non-Violence
◻ Leadership and Governance
◻ Communicative Technology
◻ Teacher Training
◻ Literacy and numeracy
◻ Parent Involvement
◻ Distance Education
◻ Adult Education
◻ Art, Music and Movement
◻ Sex Education
◻ Curriculum Design
◻ Other_____________

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