HHH alum Krafft & former Carnegie Scholar Selwaness published in Economic Research Forum, Cairo

Jordan’s fertility stall and resumed decline: an investigation of demographic factors
Caroline Krafft and Maia Sieverding
ERF Working Paper No. 1193    

From the late 1990s until 2010, the fertility transition in Jordan was stalled, with the total fertility rate (TFR) well above replacement level. In this paper, we present new evidence that..more

The Dynamics of Family Formation and Women’s Work: What Facilitates and Hinders Female Employment in the Middle East and North Africa?
Irène Selwaness and Caroline Krafft
ERF Working Paper No. 1192

This paper investigates the dynamic relationship between family formation and women’s employment, a previously unexplored aspect of female labor force participation in MENA region..more

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