Humphrey Fellow Khan at National Academy of Public Administration, Wash DC

University of Minnesota 2017-18 Humphrey International Fellow Mr. Muhammad Shahzad Asif Khan of Pakistan has taken up a professional affiliation with the National Academy of Public Administration. Mr. Khan is keen about NAPA’s role providing expert advice to federal departments, agencies, and policy makers and interested in how NAPA helps agencies improve the structure, capacity, management and performance of public institutions. Mr. Khan's Humphrey School of Public Affairs advisor is NAPA Fellow Prof. Greg Lindsey.

Mr. Khan is a police officer with over 12 years of experience in watch and ward, investigation, and counter-terrorism. He holds a bachelor’s degree of Medicine and Surgery from King Edward Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Law from Islamia University, Bahawalpur. Mr. Khan started his career in the volatile Swat region bordering Afghanistan as a member of the core committee that looked after the affairs of the region during counter-insurgency operations in 2007. His major contribution has been his active involvement in the introduction of information technology initiatives to the Punjab Police, the second largest police force in the world. This has resulted in the digitalization of business processes and service delivery enhancement, thus transforming a 150 year-old manual system of record keeping into a robust, modern one.

The Humphrey Fellowship Program is a State Department sponsored program designed to bring mid-career professionals to the United States for ten months of professional development work, supported by academic study. The program consists of both academic components, which we address here at the University of Minnesota, and professional networking, and exchange, which takes place primarily in the community.

The culminating part of a Fellow’s professional networking activities is a six week (30 working days) professional affiliation with an organization that offers opportunity for professional growth and exchange. The affiliation is similar to an internship in that a Fellow works with an organization for 30 days. Unlike an internship, it involves a higher level of engagement, is oriented toward a more in-depth experience that reflects the Fellow’s background and prior experiences, is more collaborative in nature than an internship, and typically involves learning and exchange among peers. Ideally, it maximizes the benefits for both the Fellow and the organization and often leads to a long-term international relationship.
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