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Updated on April 25, 2018.

Finding the right job in social change, development, peacebuilding, social entrepreneurship, and related fields requires a combination of the right experience and training, an understanding of the field, developing strong connections and a bit of serendipity. In addition to academic and/or professional training, it is essential to have an understanding of how social change works in practice. Many people working in social change, will not find employment with “social change” or “peacebuilding” but with organizations in others sectors (including international development, education, environment, social entrepreneurship, social impact, business) working on social change related jobs. Thus, it is also important in the job search to broaden your scope to include international development organizations, government and intergovernmental institutions, for-profit and business institutions, educational institutions, and more.

We have put together this meta-list (and are constantly revising it, please send your suggestions of what to consider adding to info(at)pcdnetwork.org) of top job sites/platforms that are relevant to the social change space. Whether you’re searching for a job now or happy in your current job, setting getting on some key lists and reviewing them on a periodic basis is essential. This can help you see key opportunities, what are trends in the field, what skills are needed, be informed on new organizations one may not be aware off and possibly find your dream job. A key part of searching for openings is finding the right type of keywords to find relevant openings. Some suggestions include social entrepreneurship, peacebuilding, impact investing, social change, international development, sustainability, civic tech, startup, gender and youth. Here is the list

PCDN’s Meta-List of Job Sites in Social Change, Social Entrepreneurship, Peacebuilding and Related Fields
PCDNETWORK – Our one stop shop for professional opportunities (jobs, fellowships, internships, etc in the social sector)
UNJOBLIST– A very useful site with jobs at UN agencies and other Intergovernmental Organizations.

IDEALIST – Primarily Jobs in US based non-profits. Covers many sectoral areas, health, development, etc.
INDEED– A site (and app) that does meta searches across many job sites around the world. One can setup a keyword search in the app and/or be notified by email.

RELIEFWEB – Primarily jobs in international Non-profits and UN.
DEVEX– Covers jobs in international development and consulting around the world.
Rework– Jobs in impact with companies working on social, environmental, and cultural innovation.
Nonprofit Technology Network Job Board – Jobs related to nonprofit technology.
Sustainability Careers– Job openings at Business for Social Responsibility and at BSR member organizations.
International Organization Careers Website – Professional employment opportunities in International Organizations (site sponsored by the US Department of State)
SKOLL WORLD FORUM JOB LIST– Job postings related to social entreprenuership, the social sector and corporate social responsibility.
Tech Nonprofit Jobs List from Fast Forward – Fast Forward accelerates tech nonprofits by investing money, providing training and mentoring, and increasing the visibility of tech nonprofits to scale them to impact.
The Posner Center for International Development Job Board – Is a coworking space based in Denver, Colorado with over 60 member organizations. Their job board lists openings at Posner and the center’s members.
Unreasonable Careers – Jobs at Unreasonable Startups or the Unreasonable team.
BCorps Jobs Board – openings at certified B Corps, which are companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.
BUSINESS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Jobs in Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entreprenuership.
Mission Investing Job Bank – shares career opportunities in mission investing at member foundations, affiliate member organizations and other organizations
Social Enterprise Alliance Job Board – Positions in the social enterprise sector.
Social Impact Jobs – List from Echoing Green, one of the leading orgs in the field.

Big Society Capital – jobs at Big Society Capital, as well as relevant opportunities within the social investment market.
Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs List positions in small and growing business member companies/organizations around the world.
OpenGov Hub Member Jobs – Job opportunities from organizations based at the OpenGov Hub in Washington, DC.
Liberation Tech Jobs – Listserv that has jobs exploring how information technology can be used to defend human rights, improve governance, empower the poor, promote economic development, and pursue a variety of other social goods..

Open Gov Jobs – Positions related to open government.
Impact Design Hub Jobs – Jobs at the intersection of public interest, social impact, humanitarian, and community design.
ICT4D Jobs – Opportunities in information and communication technology for development.
Young Professionals in Foreign Policy Job Board – opportunities in international Affairs, largely NY and DC based positions.
BRITISH OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT NETWORK – Listing of Jobs at Key UK Based international development organizations.
ALERTNET – Jobs in International Development and Humanitarian Relief.
EUROPEAN PEACE BUILDING LIAISON OFFICE -Jobs at European Based Organizations.
FOREIGN POLICY ASSOCIATION – Listing of jobs at key US nonprofits involved in international affairs.
JUSTMEANS – Jobs in social change and environment.
FOREIGN AFFAIRS – Listing of jobs in international affairs.

DEVNETJOBS – Listing positions in international development and related fields.
MandE News Job Forum – List of jobs/consultancies related to monitoring and evaluation in international development.
EUROBRUSSELS – EU related jobs.
Society for International Development Job List – Posting of SID/DC Member Jobs.
Next City Jobs– Jobs focused on urban issues and innovation.
Sportanddev.org – Positions related to sports and development.
Next Billion Career Center – job opportunities in the development through enterprise space.
Social Venture Network – Jobs in social entrepreneurship and related fields.
Omidyar Network -Jobs in social entrepreneurship.
Humentum Job Board – Jobs in international development (largely internal organizational management/admin positions)

On Think Tanks – Jobs at think tanks around the world.
OneWorld Jobs – brings the latest jobs and volunteer positions from organisations working to create a better world.
Donor Committee for Enterprise Development – job postings in private sector development.
BCorps Jobs – lists opportunities in companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Angel List– Jobs at Startup companies largely in the information technology Sector (including some focused on social change).
ED Surge Jobs – Jobs in Educational Technology & Innovation

Other Job Sites/Resources that may have relevant jobs:
FOUNDATION CENTER – Jobs in foundations and US based nonprofits.
CHRONICLE OF PHILANTHROPY – Variety of jobs in US based non-profits working in diverse sectoral areas.
CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION – Jobs in the US (and some international) Higher Education Sector.
Association of International Educators (NAFSA JOB Board) – Jobs in international education and international student services.
BRIDGESPAN NONPROFIT JOBS BOARD – Has useful list of nonprofit jobs in the US in diverse sectors.
Startup Hire – Jobs at startup (particularly in tech) around the world.
Mashable Job Board – Jobs in new/social media.
ACRE Resources – Jobs in environmental and corporate social responsibility areas.
BRIGHT GREEN ALERT – Executive search firm for jobs in the green sector.
Eco.org – jobs in the environmental sector.
Greenona Jobs – Green jobs.
Mashable Job Board – Jobs in Social Media.
Net Impact – Jobs in corporate social responsibility and related fields.
NONPROFIT OYSTER – Jobs in the nonprofit sector.
OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS – Jobs in the nonprofit sector.
REDF – Nonprofit and social enterprise jobs.
TREE HUGGER – Green jobs.
VENTURE LOOP – is the worldwide leader in job postings focused on venture-backed companies.
Global Impact Investing Network – Jobs in impact (financial) investing.
Microfinance Gateway Jobs – Jobs in micro-finance and related fields.
Growth Hacker Job Listings Find jobs in growth marketing, user acquisition, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, analytics, product, and more (many are at tech startups).

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