Symposium "The Chinese way, the new normal?"

Type: Call for Papers
Date: September 15, 2018
Location: Belgium
Subject Fields: Asian History / Studies, Chinese History / Studies, Diplomacy and International Relations

Call for papers
Symposium "The Chinese Way, The New Normal ?"
December 17-18, 2018
Université catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

The Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) is a leading European university in research and innovation in political sciences, bringing together researchers and practitioners in the field. As part of its research program in International Relations, the department organises annual conferences and symposia.

On December 17-18, 2018 the UCL’s Center for the Study of Crises and International Conflicts, Genesys Network and the University Chair Baillet-Latour will hold a symposium on China, Seven broad themes will be explored:

1. Promoting Chinese culture for better cooperation?
2. The Belt and Road Initiative, opportunity or danger ?
3. China’s geoeconomics
4. China as a world power: status quo or peer competitor ?
5. China as regional power: A new Tianxia
6. China’s military strategies defensive or offensive ?
7. China: a new normsetter

The deadline for submission of proposals is September 15, 2018. (Do not hesitate to forward this call for papers to your colleagues).

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