HHH Prof. Kudrle: "Everybody loses from a trade war"

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Trump’s Tariffs and Their Impact in Minnesota
The Star Tribune, WCCO Radio, and KARE interviewed Professor Robert Kudrle on the continuing concern in Minnesota over President Trump's decision to impose tariffs on imported goods coming into the United States.

Selected quotes below:

Star Tribune
"The Chinese, so far, have been very careful not to escalate — they talk about matching, but not escalating. And I think they're going to be pretty careful about how they move forward," said University of Minnesota Prof. Robert Kudrle, whose expertise includes international economic policy. "But if it does escalate, there is simply no way to predict where it's going to end."

"Everybody loses from a trade war," University of Minnesota professor Bob Kudrle says.
Up until now Kudrle says no one knew if the tariffs on both sides would stick.
Based on what he’s hearing from the president this week, Kudrle says an all-out trade war has suddenly become a scary possibility.
"A lot of people who didn't take a trade war seriously are taking it seriously now," Kudrle says.

 "It works both ways,” Kudrle explains. “The medical device industry really illustrates one of the complexities of globalization.”
This “double dipping” effect is playing out in numerous industries, Kudrle says, making it difficult to determine how the tariffs will affect everyday consumers.

"The situation now is really, really unclear,” Kudrle says.
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