MDP Aryal, El Shiekh, Mbaye, Ramos & Singh and MPP Kluesner awarded 2018 Judd Fellowship

2018 Judd Fellows from Humphrey School based degree programs

Twenty graduate and professional degree students were awarded fellowships in 2018 through the Walter H. Judd International Graduate & Professional Fellowships. One Judd Alumni Fellowship was awarded to the highest-ranked fellowship applicant and was made possible by generous support of Judd Fellow alumni and matching funds from the Carol and Cliff Stiles Rainbow Fund.

Sadikshya Aryal
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
M.D.P – Development**
Judd Fellows Aryal and Ramos will design a prototype of biocultural innovations (business model) as part of the development of a broader Maya Economy. The goal of this project is to help the Maya Leaders Alliance transform the valuation of Maya culture. Aryal’s efforts will focus on assessing effects of this innovation on Maya livelihoods, culture and heritage.

Ahmed ElShiekh
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
M.D.P. – International Development and Public Health**
ElShiekh will work with Picture Impact, a Minneapolis based human-centered social design studio, to investigate the reasons for low maternal and child health awareness in Northern Nigeria, design and field test tools appropriate for maternal and child health awareness and education and evaluate the results. The goal is to develop an maternal and child health educational tool for Northern Nigeria that improves health conditions.

Madelaine Kluesner
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
M.P.P./M.P.H – International Development/Global Health**
Kluesner will intern with SMS Maama, a social business venture aimed at increasing access to maternal health information through a mobile health (mHealth) application. SMS Maama is conducting a pilot research study to test its health delivery system. As a research intern, Klusner will assist with the implementation, training, and data summation of the focus group portion of this research pilot.

Seyni Mbaye
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
M.D.P.– Program Evaluation**
Colombia’s Decree 1848-2017 lowered water filtration standards, allowing the government to spend taxpayers’ money on less sophisticated water filtration systems such as BioSand Filters. As part of a team, Mbaye will evaluate the adequacy of BioSand systems, from the perspective of the users. His team’s evaluation will contribute to the decision whether to distribute this technology.

Juliana Ramos
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
M.D.P. – Economic Development**
Judd Fellows Ramos and Aryal will intern with the Maya Leaders Alliance (MLA) supporting the MLA in their design of a prototype framework for biocultural innovations, which feature local practices and resources. They will design a culturally responsive economic governance model that incorporates their sustainable practices.

Surabhi Singh
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
M.D.P – Development Practice**
As part of a team, Singh will work with Komaza, a Kenyan-based business that works with marginalized small-scale farmers owning dry-land to grow trees as a cash crop through their “micro-forestry” program. The goal of the project is to determine whether Komaza’s current micro-forestry model, which has been successful in two counties in the coastal areas in the south is scalable to other parts of Kenya, particularly in central Kenya, and if not, assess what aspects need to be modified to be more feasible for replication.

* The Judd Alumni Fellowship is awarded to the highest-ranked fellowship applicant. The Judd Alumni Fellowship award is made possible by generous support of Judd Fellow alumni and matching funds from the Carol and Cliff Stiles Rainbow Fund.

** The Master of Development Practice is an interdisciplinary program jointly administered by the Humphrey School and the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change (ICGC) and spans several academic disciplines across the University of Minnesota.

The 2018 UMN Judd Fellows...

...will travel to 18 countries:

Belize • Colombia • Dominican Republic • Ecuador • Ghana • Haiti • Italy • Kenya • Laos • Mexico • Namibia • Nepal • Portugal • Scotland • Switzerland • Tanzania • Thailand • Uganda

...are studying in five different colleges in a range of programs:

Atmospheric Science • Ethnomusicology • Creative Writing • Public Health • Economic Development • International Development • Maternal and Child Health • International Health Policy • Art History • Immunology • Physical Therapy • Global Medicine

...are doing amazing things:

researching global climate change • interning at the Deafness and Hearing Loss Prevention Programme at the World Health Organization • researching the ethnography of Lisbon-style fado music • completing a physical therapy rotation • developing a maternal and child health educational tool that improves health conditions • researching the management of severe infectious diseases and pediatric disorders in a low-resource setting • researching the efficacy of a homemade insulin storage pouch
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