MDP students Ramos & Aryal profiled in Judd newsletter--Belize project

Juliana Ramos and Sadikshya Aryal are in Belize and working with the Maya Leaders Alliance supporting their design of a prototype framework for biocultural innovations featuring local practices and resources.   

“The field experience in Belize has allowed me to further develop my passion for preserving Indigenous knowledge and heritage. The Maya people are resilient, resourceful, and kind. I am grateful for this opportunity.” - Sadikshya

“Overall, the work has been intense, but extremely rewarding. Throughout our working sessions, I was mesmerized by the villagers’ connection to their land and biological resources. I have learned a lot about the Maya people's biocultural heritage, and I feel honored for having the opportunity to add to the work of the Maya Leaders Alliance.” - Juliana                          

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