Global Notes suspending publication

Global Notes will cease publication for the rest of 2018.  Please look to news from Humphrey School about upcoming events and activities:

Global Notes was started October 14, 2008 by Humphrey School of Public Affairs Global Policy Area (GPA) student Graham Lampa ( as the GPA blog.  This was part of a University of Minnesota Libraries UThink project, with strong support from Technology Lead for Libraries Initiatives, Shane Nackerud.

After 2008 Global Notes was maintained and revitalized by nine generations of Humphrey School graduate students and GPA student assistants into a news, communications and outreach blog with a mission to connect the international-focused communities of the Humphrey School with counterparts around the University, to keep information flowing across units engaged in international activities, and to highlight the work and achievements of HHH faculty, staff, students, scholars and fellows connected around the world. 

It was  Rachel Garaghty (then MPP student) who first shifted the focus of Global Notes in 2009 to serve the communication and information needs for the international parts of the School and Riley Grittinger (then undergraduate assistant) who led the team to transition Global Notes from Moveable Type to Blogger system in 2015, together with the HHH's then-Director of IT, Linda Dick (and her team).

Along the way, a diverse and committed group of Humphrey School students (now alumni) worked on Global Notes, including Abdul Omari, Matt Holm, Ameido Amevor, Andrew Twite, Paul Linnell, June Nkwenge, Sumee Lee and Maria Terra.  This blog has the "fingerprints" of many people over the past 10 years.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the usefulness and reach of Global Notes

Sherry Gray

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