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PA 5190-003 Org Perspectives on Global Development, New Spring Course

How can we make international aid organizations more responsive to the needs of both the staff that work for them and the beneficiaries they are attempting to serve, while maintaining the support of their funders and working within the existing regulatory apparatus? 

This spring Carrie Oelberger is offering a new course (Tuesday / Thursday 1:00-2:15pm) that will examine the successes and challenges faced in these tremendously complex environments, including theoretical approaches from sociology, political science, psychology, public administration, and management, and using class discussions, mini-lectures, simulations, case analyses, group projects, and presentations. 

The goal of the course is to empower you with the skills to act under conditions of uncertainty in order to strengthen the work of any international aid organization, including NGOs, governments, bi-lateral and multi-lateral organizations, corporations, foundations, and international organizations. 

For more information, please visit CourseInfo, review the attached syllabus, and/or contact Prof. Oelberger for more information.


Dec 8, Eric Schwartz on U.S. Policy towards Syrian Refugees

The Freeman Center for International Economic Policy sponsors the Global Policy Seminar/Workshop series.  The sessions are held from 
12:45 to 2:00 pm on Tuesdays.  
The next presentation is:

December 8 –   Eric Schwartz on U.S. Policy towards Syrian Refugees

The Freeman Center for International Economic Policy, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, 
presents a Workshop on Global Policy

Dean Eric Schwartz
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Refugees
will speak on
The Syria Refugee Crisis:  What to do?

12:45 - 2:00 pm
Tuesday, December 8
Humphrey 215 – the Wilkins Room
Humphrey School, West Bank Campus

Syria is in crisis, with half of its population forcibly displaced, including more than four million refugees in neighboring countries, and hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in Europe.  Meanwhile, more than half of the governors in the United States have said they do not want the United States to admit the 10,000 Syrian refugees to which the Obama administration has committed.  Dean Schwartz, who testified on this issue before the Senate Homeland Security Committee on November 19, will discuss options for U.S. policy

All are welcome!  Refreshments will be served

Dec 15, Pathways Internship Program Hiring Fair in Arlington, VA

Pathways Internship Program Hiring FairHyatt Arlington Hotel
1325 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA  22209

The U.S. Department of State will accept on-site applications for the Pathways Internship Experience Program at the following hiring event on Tuesday, December 15, 2015.

Hiring FairAnnouncement Number
Dec. 15, 2015 (year-round positions)HRSC/PATH-2016-0005

Applications will be accepted from 9:00am to 11:30am and from 2:00pm to 6:00pm EST. In-person Interviews will possibily be conducted on Thursday, December 17, 2015 from 8am to 6pmIf selected for an interview, you will be contacted and an interview will be scheduled.

The Pathways Internship Program targets students accepted for enrollment or currently enrolled in a qualifying educational program in an accredited institution, on a full or halftime basis with paid opportunities to work in agencies and explore Federal careers while still in school. Applicants must meet the definition of "student" in order to be considered for this opportunity.
Internship Experience Program (IEP) are non-temporary and can last the duration of the student’s academic program. 

Internship Temporary Experience Program (ITEP) are temporary appointments that allow for seasonal employment (during summers and holiday breaks from academic program) as well as year-round employment should their academic programs allow. These appointments are limited to a year or less with possibility for extensions in one-year increments.

If you have any questions or would like to search for topics of interest, please visit ourforums or FAQs at careers.state.gov.

D-Prize: Can you design a new social enterprise and solve one of the world's distribution challenges?

Our world has already invented many effective poverty solutions, but sadly most fail to reach actual people in need. Millions of lives would improve if people had access to proven energy, education, health, and other interventions. Can you start a new social enterprise and solve this problem?
D-Prize is a call to the world’s boldest entrepreneurs. Can you design a new social enterprise and solve one of the distribution challenges below? If selected, we will award you up to $20,000 to launch a pilot in Africa, India, or another other developing region. D-Prize will award 5-15 social entrepreneurs funding. If your pilot is successful, we will help you find future funding and grow to impact millions.
Who Should Compete?
D-Prize is for all aspiring entrepreneurs. You may come from anywhere in the world, be any age, and have any background. You must be committed, highly skilled, and ready to work hard to scale-up your impact as a long term career.
We will fund some existing organizations, especially if your organization wants to pilot a new distribution-focused initiative. If you are over 12 months old, have already raised more than $100,000,and are not piloting a new distribution-focused initiative, D-Prize is unlikely to offer funding.
Submit a resume and two-page concept note by Dec 10 (early deadline), Dec 30 (regular deadline), or Jan 16 (limited extension). Early submissions encouraged.


The top 5% of entrepreneurs will be invited to submit a full 10 page proposal. Full plans are due within four weeks of being invited to submit.


The top entrepreneurs will interview with judges. Winners will receive up to $20,000, mentorship, and other support as you launch.


Launch your idea. Spend the next three months using all of your talent to start a venture and help millions of people.
For additional information, please visit: http://www.d-prize.org/

This material is cross-posted from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, http://internationalpeaceandconflict.org and appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.   This is meant for information sharing purposes only. 

3 Internship opportunities at the IJR in 2016 - South Africa

The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR) was founded in 2000, in the wake of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and with the purpose of building of fair, democratic and inclusive societies in Africa. IJR is an independent organisation located at the interface between civil society and academia. The organisation's employ a diverse team of professionals based at our office in Cape Town.
IJR seeks to appoint three Interns for 2016, based in Cape Town.
These are paid internships.
The IJR Communication and Strategy Unit is a key component to assist the Institute with cross-cutting services such as fundraising, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, communication and public relations, as well as special events. The unit is looking for an intern to join the team in 2016.
The Institute's Justice and Reconciliation in Africa Programme (JRA) currently supports and partners around transitional justice and reconciliation initiatives in the three regions: Southern Africa, Great Lakes and the Greater Horn of Africa. Through collaboration, exchange, and dialogue, the programme seeks to build partnerships that support critical research, capacity-building in post-conflict situations, and the development of policy initiatives.
The Building an Inclusive Society Programme (BIS) works mainly in South Africa with various communities in different provinces. The programme works with five projects: Community Healing, Ashley Kriel Youth Leadership project, School’s Oral History, Education for Reconciliation and Memory, Arts and Culture. The purpose of this paid internship will be to work across the five projects and assist with design and implementation as well as reporting of the projects.
For more information and how to apply refer to: www.ijr.org.za/vacancies.php, stating which internship you are applying.
For more about the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, refer to www.ijr.org.za.

This material is cross-posted from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, http://internationalpeaceandconflict.org and appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.   This is meant for information sharing purposes only. 

Alliance for Peacebuilding Spring 2016 Internship Applications Open

AfP is now seeking interns for Spring 2016 in the following program areas: 

Communications, Membership & Development, and Policymaker Engagement.
Peacebuilding as a field, and the Alliance for Peacebuilding as an organization, are in a unique stage of innovation and expansion; we are in a position to offer outstanding candidates a rich learning opportunity to lead and create.
AfP’s interns work at the intersection of the international peacebuilding field in our nation’s capital. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the peacebuilding field from the inside, with broad exposure to a wide variety of civil society organizations, government and military partners, and representatives from fields closely related to peacebuilding. Interns engage with AfP’s network of partners both overseas and in Washington, learn about all of the latest news, events, jobs and research going on in the peacebuilding field, and represent AfP at important events in Washington, DC.
For details about each internship, please click below.
Policymaker Engagement – Entrepreneurial “doers” who want to help create opportunities for the latest innovations of peacebuilders around the world to shape U.S. engagements in conflict-affected regions.
Membership & Development – “People” people who think in terms of relationships, not just programs, and want to help expand and connect AfP’s growing network of peacebuilding organizations.Strategic thinkers who want to hone their fundraising skills and learn how the philanthropic sectors can catalyze the peacebuilding solutions of tomorrow.
Communications – Creative wordsmiths who want to harness the power of narrative to expand the boundaries of peacebuilding.
AfP's 2015 Spring Communications and Development Intern, recently spoke of their experience, saying, "The Alliance for Peacebuilding has truly provided me with a trampoline for other related opportunities in the field. AfP has also played a formative role in my understanding of and exposure to the peacebuilding field. Because of AfP’s talented and well-informed staff, I have been able to use lessons learned from my internship and apply them in my classroom discussions around conflict resolution and transformation. The skills I have acquired and refined at AfP will serve as building blocks in my personal peacebuilding efforts. I am certain that I will be sharing concepts and frameworks discussed at AfP in my upcoming internships and academic courses."

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Advance 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Forum Delegate Tickets

The 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Forum will focus on the work of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kailash Satyarthi (2014) who has dedicated his life to ending child labor and child trafficking. The Forum will also look at the peace and security implications of and connections between human trafficking, migration, refugees and climate change.

Advance discounted delegate tickets to the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Forum, taking place from June 6th-8thwill be available from December 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015

We encourage anyone wishing to peacebuild to join us as a delegate for this important international opportunity.

Delegate Spots Available at:  https://nppf2016.eventbrite.com

This material is cross-posted from Nobel Peace Prize Forum and appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.   This is meant for information sharing purposes only. 
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