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Humphrey Fellow Balato assists with Fulbright program orientation in Manila

From 2016-17 Humphrey International Fellow Floro Balato Jr.: "May I share to you two photos of my recent participation in the Humphrey alumni activities in the Philippines.

First photo (left) is at the US embassy with US Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim together with Humphrey alumni during the send off to this years' Humphrey and Fulbright scholars.

Second photo (right) was when I gave an orientation briefing together with our alumni president to the two Filipino Humphrey Fellows (2017-18) this year. One will attend Syracuse University and the other Michigan State.   

I did this to manifest my commitment and support to the US -PH educational exchange program and honor our duties as Humphrey alumni."

Mr. Balato is a Senior Immigration Officer at the Philippine Bureau of Immigration. He formerly served as Chief of the Port Operations Division of the Bureau of Immigration. In that role Mr. Balato supervised the operations of all international air and seaports, as well as border crossings in the country. Mr. Balato has expertise in the detection and prevention of human smuggling and trafficking. He has completed a number of specialized training programs related to that topic, including “Impostor Detection and Facial Image Analysis,” from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Canberra and Sydney, Australia in 2009. He obtained his Immigration Management Service certificate from the South Korean Ministry of Justice in 2012. He also finished Interpol’s Capacity Building Program for Counter Terrorism in Asia conducted by the Interpol Integrated Border Management Task Force in Manila, Philippines in 2013. Also in 2013 Mr. Balato was part of an international panel of experts that was consulted in the formulation and drafting of an Issue Paper entitled “Corruption and Smuggling of Migrants” published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vienna, Austria. He was a member of the Philippine team to the ASEAN Experts Working Group that drafted the recently adopted ASEAN Convention on Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children. Mr. Balato is currently a member of the Philippine delegation to the ASEAN Experts Working Group crafting the ASEAN Agreement on Cross Border Transport of Passengers and served as one of a group of experts that drafted the Philippines migrant smuggling bill for deliberation by Congress. For his outstanding performance in international law enforcement cooperation he has received awards and commendations from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Canada Border Services Agency and South Korea Ministry of Justice, among others.     

Mr. Balato holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in social sciences from the University of the Philippines, a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Santo Tomas, and a Master in Public Management from Ateneo de Manila University.

Hmong International Freedom Celebration July 1-2, Como Park

37th Annual Hmong International Freedom Celebration (J4) July 1-2, 2017

It’s that time of year again, the first weekend in July, when the Hmong people celebrate freedom at McMurray Fields of St Paul, MN. Hmong Freedom Celebration Map

The Hmong People who have settled here in the St Paul MN area really know what Freedom feels like. General Vang Pao brought the Hmong people here from the refugee camps in Southeast Asia after the end of the Vietnam War.

There are many things to do, see, buy, and taste at the celebration.
COST: $5.00

It is with great anticipation that this year’s 37th Annual Hmong Freedom Celebration Sport Tournament will be hosted by The United Hmong Family & Lao Family Foundation on Saturday, July 1st and Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 at the Como Park’s McMurray Field.

The event will provide ample spaces for various vendors that are not just local community members, but all over the world. Booths will be set up for food, traditional and culture items, educational and informational and other general merchandises. Most of the festival goers are relatives and friends who travel a short distance of a couple of miles to across the ocean from former homeland in Asia. Others are spectators who come to cheer on one another as well as taking part in one of the competitive sporting venues in flag football (both men and women’s), Sepak Takraw (kato), Soccer (men/women’s), tuj lub (top spinning), volleyball (men/women’s) and other fun and games for all ages, gender and physical ability. We have a lot to accomplish within the short amount of time. With number as high as thirty thousand (30,000) people coming to the event each day we will need all of the support we can.

Penumbra Theatre exhibit at Minnesota History Center, through July 30

Image and text from Minnesota History Center: Penumbra Theatre at 40: Art, Race and a Nation on Stage
On view February 18 — July 30, 2017

MNHS is proud to mark Penumbra Theatre’s 40th anniversary with the Penumbra at 40 exhibit at the Minnesota History Center.

For the past 40 years, Penumbra has ignited social change through art grounded in the African American experience. The Penumbra at 40 exhibit provides a behind-the-scenes look at the founding and history of the nation’s largest and preeminent African American theater. Original scripts, props, costumes and more document Penumbra’s epic journey and its unwavering commitment to artistic excellence and social justice.

Inside the exhibit, you can:
  • Step into a set from the play Fences by August Wilson
  • Sit at a dressing room table and hear Penumbra actors share their favorite stories
  • View theater artifacts, including costumes, playbills, props and set models
  • Color in costumes and sets at the art table
  • Discover the stories behind some of Penumbra’s most beloved plays

About Penumbra Theatre

Penumbra Theatre has provided a stage for unflinchingly beautiful and honest depictions of the African American experience since it opened in1976. A nationally repected gem in the heart of St. Paul, Penumbra has launched the careers of many talented theater artists, including two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright August Wilson. The story of Penumbra is also the story of African American artistic expression spanning American history to today.

Penumbra Theatre is commemorating its anniversary with signature works, new plays, community programming and special events. Find out more at

Somali Museum of Minnesota

Image and text from The Somali Museum of Minnesota:  WINNER!
Innovative Award, 2017 International Somali Awards in London, UK

@UNPeacebuilding Fund’s Gender & Youth Promotion Initiative

Apply to @UNPeacebuilding Fund’s Gender & Youth Promotion Initiative
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About GYPI

The United Nations Secretary-General’s Peacebuilding Fund’s (PBF) Gender and Youth Promotion Initiative #GYPI is an expression of the Fund’s commitment to inclusive peacebuilding. It supports the empowerment of women and the advancement of gender equality and recognizes the role of young people as central to the relevance and effectiveness of PBF’s overall peacebuilding portfolio.

Through the initiative the PBF seeks to increase its impact and advance the implementation of the Secretary General’s Seven-Point Action Plan on Gender-Responsive Peacebuilding and Security Council resolutions on Women, Peace and Security, as well as Security Council resolution 2250 (2015) on Youth, Peace and Security.

The aims for the Gender and Youth Promotion Initiative are to:

Gender Promotion Initiative
Strengthen the integration of gender equality and women’s empowerment within existing prevention and peacebuilding initiatives;
Support innovative projects, focused on gender equality and women’s empowerment with the potential for catalytic effect and peacebuilding outcomes;
Contribute to collective operational learning on gender-responsive programming;
Accelerate implementation of the Secretary-General Seven-Point Action Plan and its commitment to increase funding of gender-responsive peacebuilding projects; and
Maintain and improve performance against the Secretary-General’s target of allocating a minimum of fifteen per cent of all peacebuilding funding to gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Youth Promotion Initiative
Strengthen the participation of young women and young men within existing prevention and peacebuilding initiatives;
Support innovative projects, focused on youth empowerment and participation, that have the potential for catalytic effects and peacebuilding outcomes;
Enhance support to youth civil society organizations, and facilitate their partnership with international CSOs, Government and UN entities active in their country;
Contribute to collective operational learning on youth-inclusive programming.
Support the implementation of Security Council resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security.

Preference will be given to innovative projects that attempt to try out new, creative interventions and approaches. This could include projects focused on:
Facilitating women’s and/or young people’s access to decision-making bodies
Innovative ways to integrate gender and/or youth in justice and SSR processes
Natural resource management and climate change mitigation
Women’s and/or young people’s role in preventing violent extremism and terrorism (in line with Security Council resolution 2242 and 2250)
Projects involving the use of social media and innovative technologies, etc.

Who is eligible to apply?

This year’s call for the GYPI solicits proposals from both civil society organizations (CSOs) as well as from UN agencies, funds and programms, in PBF eligible countries.


How does the application process work?

Read a detailed step by step description of the application process.


Call for online applications 26 May 2017
Deadline for online application stage 1 7 July 2017
Communication of conditional approval (and invitation to develop full stage 2 project proposal) or rejection of stage 1 applications by the Project Appraisal Committee (PAC) Last week of July 2017
Deadline for submission of full stage 2 project proposals 15 September 2017
Communication of final decision for stage 2 submissions by PAC 30 September 2017
Disbursement of funds (depending on successful legal and financial assessment by Administrative Agent, MPTFO)

- See more at:

This material is cross-posted from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, and appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.   This is meant for information sharing purposes only. 

Pacific Fellowships, apps req

The Pacific Fellowship offers small grants to promote peace and social justice in the Pacific. APPLY TODAY!

We write to you with warm greetings as a group of five people who have joined together to start a non-governmental organization, which we call The Pacific Fellowship.

The purpose of The Pacific Fellowship is to offer small grants to promote peace and social justice in the Pacific, designed to encourage individuals to engage in endeavours aimed at nurturing inner peace, or to participate in peace-building activities, in order to foster positive and peaceful relationships with oneself and with others, sustainable over the long haul. For the inner journey, we provide a scholarship for a residential stay at Hosenji Zen Centre in Japan for a lunar month. For the outer journey, we provide a scholarship to cover part of the expenses to participate in a voyage of Peace Boat. After the inner or outer journey, the Fellows are invited to continue their relationship with us and to contribute, in whatever way they would like, to The Pacific Fellowship, helping to create a community of practicing peace-makers who pass the torch onwards.

Further details of our vision for the Pacific Fellowship can be found here- See more at:

This material is cross-posted from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, and appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.   This is meant for information sharing purposes only. 

Entrepreneurship Instructor, Kalu Yala (Panama)

full-time job   
Closes: Aug 27, 2017
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Website Kalu Yala--[Editor's Note, other positions open, including Dean of Programs and Design Thinking Instructor]
Please cite PCDNetwork as the source of the posting in your application

You are a founder who has started a for-profit or non-profit and knows the challenges. You see entrepreneurship as a solution to environmental and social issues and believe strongly in helping others learn. You can explain to both experienced and novice entrepreneurs the nuts and bolts of starting a socially conscious business. You know how to perform a market study and the importance of customer acquisition and sales.

You will lead 10 undergraduate students in a 10-week semester, working with them to design and launch new products in Specialty Foods, Consumer Goods, Eco-Tourism Services, and Social Innovation. Each week, there will be 5 hours of traditional education in the form of lecture or seminar based learning. For 15 hours each week, you will facilitate your students as you lead them in your own Kalu Yala based product development and new business launch project. 10 hours are reserved for you to facilitate your students pursuing their own product development independent projects. You are also responsible for administration and planning of lessons as well as accessing communications and documenting progress. Though we are in an off-the-grid setting, there is still a need for using technology and communicating with other venues and administration.

5+ years working in business administration, product development, or launching a business.
Degree related to entrepreneurship, business management, or finance.
Experience in both technical and applied project management
Have experience starting businesses and writing business plans
Strong planner who enjoys organization
Group leadership skills and high social/emotional intelligence
Comfortable and familiar with team communication and project management tools including Google Docs, Slack, and Asana.
Desire to help fulfill the vision of Kalu Yala, expressed here:
Looking forward to living in a comfortable camp in Panama

Preferred Skills:
Spanish speaker
Wilderness First Responder or other medical training
CPR certified
Manual vehicle/4×4 experience
Flexible and resilient
Experience living in community

$2,000 per month
Bonus based on performance review and company financial performance
Room + Board in our tropical wilderness camp
6 weeks paid vacation yearly, 2 weeks accrued semesterly after 3 month probationary period

Why KY:

Kalu Yala is building towns. And we’ve started with two Institutes.

Kalu Yala is a place to work, learn, grow, and live with a diverse team of sustainably-minded people working to achieving our common goal of demonstrating a better way to live. We do this through completion of our individual roles and expressing our individual creativity and unique style. We are a pro-active, professional, and team-first culture. Kalu Yala is not just about goals or technical skills; we represent a new way of thinking about companies, about towns, about the world. We are constantly encouraging our employees to use their varied experience in brainstorming solutions and apply those ideas to our specific setting. We are constantly seeking employees that are excited to build new relationships and connect with others in Panama.

- See more at:

This material is cross-posted from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, and appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.   This is meant for information sharing purposes only. 
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