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MINN Career Resources

International Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities

Job Posters: To quickly inform over one thousand Minnesotans with an international inclination of your organization's job or volunteer opportunity, simply write and provide a hyperlink to your position. This is a free service to all international organizations.

Job Seekers: If you are a job seeker, we invite you to enroll as a MINN member in order to receive the most timely information on international employment opportunities. MINN also encourages you to join the MINN LinkedIn group, via this link, to be informed of any new jobs posted by MINN LinkedIn members. After joining the MINN group, don't forget to sign up for the group daily digest to make sure you are informed, within 24 hours, of any new job opportunities.

Additional Sources
We encourage job seekers to check out the individual websites of international organizations of interest listed in MINN's organizational online directory.

Another great source for nonprofit jobs in Minnesota is the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits website.
For job seekers, it never hurts to flex your networking muscle. We encourage you to check the MINN calendar for events to attend, where you can connect with others working in the international field.
Take it to the next level and join one of MINN's volunteer committees. Many people working in the international sector in Minnesota know of MINN and recognize the value of MINN volunteer experience. Where else can you volunteer with an NGO professional on a MINN event who might vouch for your organizational and teamwork skills at an interview down the road?

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International Volunteers for US National Parks

Experience America's Greatest Places - Become an International Volunteer

Every year over 100 participants from around the world train in US National Parks. All of them are provided with unique opportunities to get involved, learn new things, and have fun.

If you are a college or university student from another country, work for another country's park agency, or have a background in environmental or cultural related fields, and might be interested in volunteering for the U.S. National Park Service - we want to hear from you!

NPS welcomes all who apply to the International Volunteers in Parks Program (IVIP); however, we may only select those who meet visa and immigration requirements. Additionally, national parks capacity to train and house international volunteers, limits the number of IVIP programs. Thus, NPS selects candidates who have the educational and professional backgrounds to benefit from the training and who have the best the potential to share it with colleagues and scholars when they return to their home countries.

There are several requirements that must be met in order to participate in the program. Read and follow the steps needed to see if you can become an NPS International Volunteer. Or download a copy of our brochure (1,367 KB PDF) to read more about the program.

If you meet the qualifications, submit an IVIP application (50 KB DOC) to the NPS IVIP Coordinator. Once we receive your application, expect an answer within 15 working days. If you qualify, we'll help you locate a park to volunteer in or you can check for current volunteer opportunities. See our IVIP Q & A for additional information.

Foreign nationals currently residing in the United States are subject to different regulations. But we may still be able to use your help.

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PCDN Resources for Job Seekers (membership required)

One of the goals of this network is to provide a centralized resource for anyone seeking employment in the field of international affairs, peacebuilding, development and related areas. This brief section provides an overview of basic site resources for careers.

PLEASE NOTE Members are not allowed to post their individual requests related to their job or funding searches on the site. Anyone posting such requests may be banned. There are many resources related to jobs and funding on the site, but if we allowed such individual requests the site would be deluged.

HOW TO USE THE NETWORK FOR JOB SEARCHING Many employers are now using the network to identify and recruit candidates for potential positions. To ensure that you might be considered for these opportunities, it is strongly recommended to have a brief bio in your profile that highlights you relevant skills and experience (3 to 4 paragraphs). In addition, members should fill out the other areas of their profile and indicate relevant sectoral areas, languages, geographic experience, etc.


For anyone seeking career opportunities first we recommend you review the key job resources on the network that include:
See our Tips for Developing Effective Resumes.pdf
Read the ACT Report (based on interviews with 60 employers)
Guide to Careers In International Peace and Conflict Resolution Webreport.pdf
See Dr. Zelizer’s Talk Can you make a living and change the world or change the world and make a living?
See Dr. Zelizer’s webinar, Strategies and Tools for Advancing a Career in Peacebuilding and Social Change
Guide: World’s Top Meta List of Job Sites/Resources in Social Change, Development, Peacebuilding and Related Fields
There are no silos in working for better lives, wisdom for advancing careers in peacebuilding and the social sector
Guide to Internships
Guide to Academic Jobs

Job/Consulting Opportunities Forum Opportunities can be viewed in forum (a reminder please no individual requests by individuals seeking jobs are permitted). Please note the PCDN network posts opportunities as a service to the community, we are not hiring for positions and individuals always need to follow the links and instructions on how to apply.

Top 10 Tips for for a Successful Career in Washington, D.C. Policymaking
Key Tips for Entering the Education in Emergencies Field
UN Job List Guides (by Sebastian Rottmair):
How to get a Job in the UN
UN System job hunting – Contract Types
Finding that job you need to apply for!
UN Job List: FAQ on Job Hunting Strategies

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WIIS Jobs Hotline (membership required)

Jobs Hotline Overview
A regular newsletter by WIIS that provides opportunities for women interested in careers in international security. The hotline has information on:
Employment Opportunities
Academic Opportunities
Fellowships, Grants, Internships, etc
Professional Development Resources


The WIIS network hopes to make constant advancement in Women's Leadership on a global scale. To best accomplish our mission, we need affiliates and members like you. As a dues-paying member of Women in International Security (WIIS), you will:
Contribute to the WIIS blog in the form of op-eds, analytical essays or shorter commentary;
Receive WIIS this Week, a publication listing upcoming events in DC, around the US, and all over the world;
Receive and post to the JobsHotline, featuring employment opportunities, academic opportunities, fellowships, grants, internships, and professional development resources;
Gain visibility by having your publicationsor promotions featured on the WIIS Global website;
Connect with the WIIS Global Online network: join groups based on topical interest & location, search for members worldwide, access publication archives, and more!

Our mailing list provides the latest news on gender parity and Women's leadership. For access to the WIIS professional network and to support WIIS in full, please subscribe to the WIIS network.

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Lutheran World Relief jobs

Lutheran World Relief offers career opportunities for caring, energetic individuals who wish to make a difference in our world. Opportunities are available at a variety of locations with competitive wages and agenerous benefits package that (depending on employment status) may include health, dental and life insurance, paid time off and retirement savings programs.

This material appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community.  This is meant for information sharing purposes only. 

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