HHH students: China Center Scholarship apps due Mar 9

China Center Scholarship (applications for summer 2018 due March 9, 2019): https://chinacenter.umn.edu/funding/scholarships/red-pocket

The China Center Scholarship provides an opportunity for University of Minnesota students to incorporate an educational or research experience in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Macau as part of their academic studies, internships, research, or professional training. This scholarship can be used for the payment—partially or totally—of travel or tuition. Awards are typically $500 to $1,000.

Applicant must be a full-time undergraduate, graduate, or professional degree student enrolled in a degree-seeking program at the University of Minnesota
Applicant must be in good academic standing, with at least a 3.0 GPA, and show potential in their field

The China Center Scholarship was created in 2004 by generous donations in honor of the China Center's 25th anniversary. The scholarship fund continues to be supported by individual and corporate donors to the China Center. This scholarship is often referred to as the "red pockets" scholarship in recognition of annual gifts made during the Chinese New Year holiday. In Chinese traditional culture, monetary gifts are put inside a red envelope (or "pocket" in Chinese) and given during holidays or special occasions.

AIPS research fellowships (Pakistan)

Deadline to apply: February 1, 2018
AIPS Fellowships

***Note: AIPS has a new policy regarding Board and Executive Committee Members applying for fellowships. If you fall in this category, please read the policy HERE***

AIPS Call for Senior and Junior Research Fellowships!!

There are two competitions: Senior fellowship and Junior fellowship. Regardless of which competition you are entering, you will follow the same application instructions.

1) Post Doctoral Fellowship (Senior Fellowship)
If US Citizen and AIPS Individual Member:
Research can be proposed for Pakistan (limited to: Islamabad and Lahore) only, OR
Countries other than Pakistan and the US (NOTE: cannot submit an application for Pakistan + a third country)
AIPS individual member in good standing at the time of application and throughout the tenure of this grant
Research must be at least two months and less than nine months
If Non-US Citizen and AIPS Individual Member:
Research can be proposed for Pakistan only, OR
Countries other than Pakistan and the US (NOTE: cannot submit an application for Pakistan + a third country)
AIPS individual member in good standing at the time of application and throughout the tenure of this grant
Research must be at least two months and less than nine months
NOTE: There are limited funds in this pool

2) Pre Doctoral Fellowship (Junior Fellowship)

**Note: Pre-doctoral means completed all requirements of PhD except dissertation**
If US Citizens and AIPS Individual Member:
Research must be conducted in countries OTHER THAN the US or Pakistan
AIPS individual member in good standing at the time of application and throughout the tenure of this grant
Research must be at least two months and less than nine months
If Non-US Citizens and AIPS Individual Member:
Research can be conducted in Pakistan only or other countries, but not in the US (NOTE: cannot submit an application for Pakistan + a third country)
AIPS individual member in good standing at the time of application and throughout the tenure of this grant
Research must be at least two months and less than nine months
Note: There are limited funds in this pool

Additional information:
Spouses and dependents can not travel with fellows to Pakistan. All expenses for spouses and dependents traveling with the fellow to a third-county/countries must be borne by the applicant.
All fellows who are conducting research in Islamabad and Lahore are expected to stay in the AIPS guesthouses overnight (i.e. no overnight trips outside of Lahore or Islamabad). Please contact AIPS if you have questions about this restriction.
Fellowships must be completed in one trip (no breaks allowed).
AIPS Fellows must follow AIPS travel restrictions.
Any proposed country (if proposing a third country) cannot have a current State Department Travel Restriction: (https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/alertswarnings.html)

Funding for fellowships for US citizens is provided by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State through a grant from the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC). When available, funding for fellowships for non-US citizens is provided by AIPS unrestricted funds. All applications will undergo a competitive review. The review committee may prioritize applicants who have not received an AIPS fellowship in the past two years.

The amount of the ECA-funded stipends will be comparable to Fulbright Awards and will be determined by the Fellowships Committee based on availability of funds and current rates as defined by the US State Department. Please be aware that there are limited funds for research proposals for Non-US Citizens. Total fellowship support can range from $3,000 to $25,000.

All applicants must be current AIPS individual members ($25/year) at the time of the application review.

Apply online at https://orcfellowships.fluidreview.com/

**NOTE: Please sign up for an account and then complete 'eligibility' so you can see what awards you are eligible for and then select the relevant AIPS fellowship**

Budget Template

This education abroad opportunity is not affiliated with the University of Minnesota and has not been fully vetted. Notification of an opportunity should not be construed as an endorsement by the University of Minnesota. For information regarding participation on
any opportunity abroad, contact the Learning Abroad Center on the Twin Cities campus. All other campuses should consult the appropriate education abroad office for their campus.

Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows Competition for Recent PhDs

Fellowship Details

Stipend: $67,500 per year, with health insurance coverage for the fellow, a relocation allowance, and up to $3,000 in professional development funds over the course of the fellowship
Tenure: Two years; start date on August 1 or September 1, 2017, depending on the fellowship position
Applications will be accepted only through the ACLS Online Fellowship Application system (ofa.acls.org). The system will open on January 4, 2018. Please do not contact any of the organizations directly.
Application deadline: March 14, 2018, 9pm EDT
Notification of application status will occur by email starting late-May 2018.

ACLS invites applications for the eighth competition of the Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows program. This year, the program will place up to 25 recent PhDs from the humanities and humanistic social sciences in two-year term staff positions at partnering organizations in government and the nonprofit sector. Fellows will participate in the substantive work of these organizations and receive professional mentoring. Fellows receive a stipend of $67,500 per year, individual health insurance, a relocation allowance, and up to $3,000 to be used toward professional development activities over the course of the fellowship term.

This initiative, made possible by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, aims to expand the role of doctoral education in the United States by demonstrating that the capacities developed in the advanced study of the humanities have wide application, both within and beyond the academy. The Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows program allows PhDs to gain valuable, career-building experience in fields such as public policy, development, conservation, arts and culture, and media.

ACLS seeks applications from recent PhDs who aspire to careers in administration, management, and public service by choice rather than circumstance. Competitive applicants will have been successful in both academic and extra-academic experiences.

Applicants must:
possess US citizenship or permanent resident status;
have a PhD in the humanities or humanistic social sciences (see note on eligible fields below) conferred between September 1, 2014 and June 22, 2018; and
defend and file/deposit their completed dissertations no later than April 6, 2018, and be prepared to verify this with official university documentation during the review and selection process.

Prospective applicants should read through all the fellowship positions listed below and choose the one position that best fits their career goals. (Applicants may apply to only one position.)

The deadline for submitted applications is Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 9pm EDT.

Applications must include:
completed application form;
1 to 2-page cover letter tailored to a specific position and addressed to the host organization;
1 to 2-page résumé; and
2 reference letters.

Please note that finalists may be asked to provide institutional documentation of PhD conferral (or, if the degree has not yet been conferred, an institutional statement from the registrar attesting that the dissertation defense and deposit have been completed and confirming the degree conferral date).

Only complete applications, submitted through the ACLS Online Fellowship Application system by the deadline, will be considered.

Selection Criteria

Applications will undergo ACLS’s rigorous peer-review process. Applicants who advance to the finalist round of review may participate in interviews with ACLS staff and staff from the applicant’s selected hosting organization. Reviewers will look for:
applicant’s academic and extra-academic accomplishment and success;
demonstrated relationship between past experience and specified position, as well as overall fit for the position; and
demonstrtaed commitment to pursuing a career within the public and/or nonprofit sector.

Notification of application status will occur by email in late-May 2018.

Participating Agencies and Positions

Click on the below positions to view the PDF of the full description, which includes detailed information on the hosting organization, the position, and requisite qualifications. Read the description carefully for any application instructions specific to the given position.
Center for Popular Democracy (Brooklyn, NY) – Strategic Research Associate
Chemical Heritage Foundation (as of February 1, 2018, the institution will be known as Science History Institute) (Philadelphia, PA) – Digital Engagement Manager
Chicago Council on Global Affairs (Chicago, IL) – Research Associate, Global Cities
Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (Madison, WI) – Global Programs Manager
Council of Independent Colleges (Washington, DC) – Development Officer
Environmental Law & Policy Center (Chicago, IL) – Senior Research Analyst, Transportation Innovation
Innocence Project (New York, NY) – Content Strategist
Lapham’s Quarterly (New York, NY) – Digital Producer
Los Angeles County Arts Commission (Los Angeles, CA) – Cross Sector Analyst
Los Angeles Review of Books (Los Angeles, CA) – Associate Executive Editor and Assistant Director, LARB Books
MinnPost (Minneapolis, MN) – Audience Development and Engagement Manager
The Moth (New York, NY) – Impact and Evaluation Officer
National Immigration Law Center (Washington, DC) – Research Program Manager
National Trust for Historic Preservation (Washington, DC) – Manager of Curatorial Innovation
Participatory Budgeting Project (Brooklyn, NY) – Participation Design Strategist
PolicyLink (Oakland, CA) – Associate, Equitable Economy Research

Public Radio International (Minneapolis, MN) – Associate Editor, Global Nation
Race Forward (Oakland, CA or New York, NY) – Narrative Impact Analyst
Rockefeller Archive Center (Sleepy Hollow, NY) – Outreach Program Manager
Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative (Washington, DC) – Program Manager, Cultural Disaster Analysis
Smithsonian Institution Office of International Relations (Washington, DC) – Global Science Officer
Social Science Research Council (Brooklyn, NY) – Program Officer, Media and Democracy Project
Stockholm Environment Institute – US Center (Seattle, WA) – Climate Policy Associate
United Negro College Fund (Washington, DC) – Policy Analyst
United Neighborhood Houses (New York, NY) – Policy Analyst

Applications for these positions are accepted solely through the Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows program. Only complete applications, submitted through the ACLS Online Fellowship Application system (ofa.acls.org) by Wednesday, March 14, 2018 9pm EDT, will be considered.

Do not contact any of the hosting organizations with questions. Questions about the fellowship program can be directed in writing to publicfellows@acls.org (no calls please), though we will not field questions about the positions or the organizations. Please carefully review the program information, the positions, the sample application, and the FAQ before contacting ACLS.

Note: The Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows program does not accept applications from candidates holding PhDs in the fields of business, public policy or public administration, education, clinical or counseling psychology, journalism, creative writing, library and/or information sciences, law, social work, social welfare, urban planning, public health, filmmaking, performing arts, or any field of pre-professional or applied study. Master’s degrees, even if they are the terminal degree in the field, will not be accepted as substitutes for the PhD. For the purpose of this competition, the humanities and related social sciences include but are not limited to American studies; anthropology; archaeology; art and architectural history; classics; economics; ethnic studies; film; gender studies; geography; history; languages and literatures; legal studies; linguistics; musicology; philosophy; political science; psychology (excluding clinical or counseling psychology); religious studies; rhetoric, communication, and media studies; sociology; and theater, dance, and performance studies. PhDs in the social science fields listed above are eligible only if they employ predominantly humanistic approaches (e.g., economic history, law and literature, political philosophy, history of psychology). PhDs in interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary humanistic studies are welcome.

If your degree field is not listed above, and you have questions about your eligibility, please contact publicfellows@acls.org.

 For more information, visit the FAQ page. Back to text.

Jan 22 Syria Special Event: The Persecution of Artists in Syria


Targeted Expression: The Persecution of Artists in Syria

Monday, January 22 2018, 4:00 P.M. - 5:30 P.M.

Mondale Hall, Room 25
229 19th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Artists and activists Jay Abdo and Fadia Afashe will discuss the impact of the conflict in Syria on the arts. Abdo and Afashe will recount their personal journey to the United States and will discuss how artists have been targeted by the Assad regime and the limited legal protections available for this vulnerable population. This talk is the final installment in a year-long Series on Syria co-sponsored by the Human Rights Center, the Human Rights Program, and the James H. Binger Center for New Americans.


Jay Abdo is a Syrian American actor and grassroots activist. His refusal to publicly support the repressive regime in Syria led to escalating threats and he was ultimately forced to leave. After rebuilding his career from scratch in LA, Abdo met Werner Herzog, who cast him in a major role opposite Nicole Kidman in "Queen of the Desert". Since then, Jay has appeared in "A Hologram for the King" with Tom Hanks and "Bon Voyage", which was shortlisted for the Oscars in 2017.

Fadia Afashe is a visual artist and women's rights activist. During the Arab Spring, Afashe left Damascus for the United States to pursue a fellowship at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School for Public Affairs. She wrote and produced "Suspended" (2011), a short film exposing how rape laws in the Arab world leave women unprotected and disenfranchised. Afashe is now based in LA where her paintings depicting the struggles of activists against the Syrian regime are frequently exhibited.

Center for Victims of Torture Job Openings

The Center for Victims of Torture is currently hiring for three exciting positions:
  • Mental Health Case Manager and Social Worker, St. Paul, MN (Apply by January 21)
  • Program Evaluation Advisor, St. Paul, MN (Apply by January 21)
  • Senior Policy Counsel, Washington DC (Apply by January 26)
More information and application details

This material appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community. This is meant for information sharing purposes only.

MINN is Hiring - Outreach Manager

MINN is currently hiring an Outreach Manager. The MINN Outreach Manager will build new relationships and partnerships for MINN, and be responsible for:
  • Processing and answering questions about MINN’s memberships
  • Coordinate the creation and distribution of the MINN Global Report 
  • Research possible funding opportunities, including grants, in collaboration with the Board
  • Provide regular progress updates on progress and plans for action items
  • Attend six board meetings per year
  • Other duties as assigned
To apply, review the full position description here and then submit to MINN President Kaying Vang no later than January 19.

This material appears to be an interesting opportunity for the Humphrey community. This is meant for information sharing purposes only.

Acara Challenge announcement

The Acara Challenge is an annual competition that rewards up to $5,500 to UMN students creating solutions to address social and environmental challenges.

What: Students compete for real funding to address domestic and global grand challenges. Winners can win up to $5500 and receive the training and support they need to succeed.
Who: All current degree-seeking UMN students.
Info session: January 19, 2018; 11:30-1:00 pm – Wilson Library Collaboration Studio (Free Lunch!)
Apply: See competition webpage. Initial application due February 4, 2018. The competition will occur February 27 - March 1, 2018.

Questions: Contact us at acara@umn.edu or check out our website at acara.umn.edu.
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