Voices of Courage & Hope: A Video to Honor 35 Years of the Humphrey Fellowship Program

35thvideo.pngLink here to see video created by UMN Law School to honor the 35th anniversary of the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZfsGxF0epA

We are happy to send you this final 35th Anniversary video tribute that I hope you will be happy to share as a testament to the real impact of the Humphrey Fellowship Program on lives around the globe.

The production was certainly a team effort. Thanks, Kaka and Edmon, for traveling back to Minnesota and for sharing your stories and those of the powerful human rights heroes whom you have worked alongside. Humphrey family members, your energy and inspirational words took on a life of their own. You can see the full videos of the panels here.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for your financial and human support. In particular, I would like to recognize the University of Minnesota's Global Programs & Strategy Alliance for the funds to film and produce the video as well as the extra efforts of the Law School's amazing Communications team, Cynthia Huff and Valerie Figlmiller, and their keen eyes to details and creative vision. Videographer Julie Manser and producer Rick Dublin made this final piece come together as a tapestry of hope. Of course, without the Department of State and IIE leadership to edit and write scripts for President Carter's tribute and to encourage the Global Webinar, we wouldn't have had either the words or the opportunity.

A final shout out to the terrific Humphrey Fellowship Program staff at both the U of M Humphrey School and Law School for their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to strengthening the capacities of global leaders to promote and protect human rights.

Kristi Rudelius-Palmer
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Humphrey Fellowship Program Co-Director, &
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University of Minnesota Law School

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