Funding Leadership & Opportunities for Women

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Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW 2016-2020)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Netherlands aims to improve the position of women and girls in the World. Hence another round of funding is now been made available: Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW).
Worldwide, some progress has been made in recent decades in attaining women’s rights and equal treatment. Many countries have abolished discriminatory laws and criminalized violence against women. They have made investments in health and education, and in some countries the economic participation of women has increased. In general, however, the pace of change is slow. In some countries and sectors, progress is at a standstill or has even been reversed. Despite major regional and contextual differences, experts agree that there is no country where progress towards gender equality is either assured or irreversible.
FLOW funds programs in low- and lower-middle income countries + China, Malaysia, Thailand, Jordan, Algeria, Iran, Lebanon, Libya and Tunisia. 93 million EUR is available for the period of 2016-202, for programs aiming at:
  1. Combatting violence against women;
  2. Participation by women in politics and public administration; and
  3. Women’s economic participation and self-reliance
Deadline for submitting FLOW proposals is 31 August 2015. 
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