Human Rights in Mexico: Crisis and Opportunity, Oct 29-30, 2015

West Bank, University of Minnesota
The October 29 session will be held at the Humphrey Forum, and the October 30 session will be held in Room 180 (both in the Humphrey School of Public Affairs). 
Sponsored by CIDE (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, Mexico), the University of Minnesota's Human Rights Program and the Stassen Chair of International Affairs, in conjunction with openGlobalRights. 
Conference participants include:

Perseo Quiroz, Amnesty International, General overview of human rights situation today
Catalina Pérez Correa, CIDE, Torture in the criminal justice system
David Crow, CIDE, and James Ron, University of Minnesota, Popular perceptions of human rights in Mexico
Luis Daniel Vázquez, FLACSO-Mexico, Mexican democracy and human rights
Regina Tamés Noriega, Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida, Reproductive rights
Banjamin Waddell, Adams State University, Effects of Migration from Mexico on Human Rights Conditions Back Home
Ariadna Estévez, UNAM, Human rights, migration and social conflict    
Janice Gallagher, Brown University, Citizen action and the rule of law 
Laura Rubio, CIDE, Internally displaced persons in Mexico        
Alejandro Anaya, CIDE, and Natalia Saltalamacchia, CIDE, Transnational activism and its limits       
Barbara Frey, University of Minnesota, Human rights advocacy in Mexico      
Karina Ansolabehere, FLACSO-Mexico, The Mexican courts and human rights
Leigh Payne, transitional justice and regular justice systems in Mexico
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