Sept 15 Paul Vaaler speaking to Freeman Seminar on Global Variation in Firm Slack Resources & Innovation

The Freeman Center for International Economic Policy sponsors the Global Policy Seminar/Workshop series every other Tuesday.  The sessions are held from 12:45 to 2:00 pm in the Stassen Room (Room 170) of the Humphrey School. The first three presentations of this year are:
September 15 – Paul Vaaler on Global Variation in Firm Slack Resources and Innovation
September 29 – Ragui Assaad on Labor Market Dysfunction and the Arab Uprisings:
October13 – Jodi Sandfort on Global “Hubert”

Freeman Center for International Economic Policy, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, presents a
Workshop on Global Policy

Professor Paul M. Vaaler
Law School & Carlson School of Management

Slack Resources, Stakeholder Regulatory Protection,
and Innovation by Firms Around the World

12:45 - 2:00 pm
Tuesday, September 15
The Stassen Room (Room 170)
Humphrey School, West Bank Campus

More than 50 years of research on the behavioral theory of the firm (BTF) tells us that “slack resources” in firms –money, equipment and people in excess of what is needed for daily operation—are fundamental to supporting innovation effort in firms.  But when BTF researchers investigate the relationship between firm slack and innovation effort on a cross-country basis trends are mixed.  Slack increases innovation in firms from some countries, but has no effect or even negative effects on innovation in firms from other countries. 
How do we explain these differences?

All are welcome!  Refreshments will be served
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