Nov 11 Luncheon to honor Amb.Tolentino

Look for the announcement coming soon--Event to honor 1993-94 Humphrey International Fellow and University of Minnesota Distinguished International Award 2015 winner Ambassador André Corsino Tolentino of Cape Verde.

Event will include remarks by Humphrey School former Dean and Professor Emeritus J. Brian Atwood.

Ambassador André Corsino Tolentino has had a notable career in the national and foreign affairs of the Republic of Cape Verde, serving as Minister of Education, Member of Parliament, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Ambassador to Portugal, Spain, France and Italy.

In the 1970s, he was a freedom fighter for the independence of Cape Verde from Portuguese colonial rule. In the first democratic government of Cape Verde, Amb. Tolentino served as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and is considered the main architect of the country’s foreign policy.

Amb. Tolentino was a Humphrey International Fellow at the Humphrey School, University of Minnesota, 1993-94.  He received his Ph.D. in comparative education at the University of Lisbon and is the founder of The West Africa Institute, an institution focused on innovative research and the development needs of the region.

Information on the award:
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