Oct 21 12:30 Pizza & talk about education in Zambia

 Same Sun Happy Hour

 “Evidence for Strengthening Equitable Access to Education, Retention and Re-enrollment towards a Poverty-Free future”

Wednesday, October 21 at 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.
HHH 110 (Andreas Theater)

Agness Mumba, Zambia 
Humphrey Fulbright Fellow 15-16
Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Presentation Focus: The lack of well-functioning accountability structures and low community participation in the governance processes of learning institutions leads to the resources available not being utilized effectively. Forum of African Women Educationalists’ (FAWE) Community Action Group intervention, is based on a model which leverages on engaging local communities to set out rigorous efforts to evaluate their social practices and learning institutions in terms of community participation, school effectiveness and improved retention and learning outcomes for students in primary and secondary schools, as its ultimate barometer of success. Achieving these requires a systemic and reform-driven review of current school/community practices, to enhance oversight and accountability for results.
Pizza and refreshments will be provided!

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