Former Humphrey Fellow (1992-93) Nambangi Ex Dir of MN African Women's Assoc

Minnesota African Women's Association
Executive Director Nyango Melissa Nambangi was a Humphrey Fellow at the Humphrey School 1992-93. 

MAWA promotes the health and well-being of African refugee and immigrant women and their families in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul through research, education, advocacy and programming.  We are a pan-African women’s nonprofit organization providing services and programming of interest to women from all African countries living in Minnesota.

MAWA is governed by a board that is made up of African and American men and women who have remarkable perspective of the issues that face African women and their families in the Twin Cities.
At MAWA we believe in the advancement of African women. We believe change comes from within and do work that will lead to social and systems change.

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