Stimson & Humphrey event focused on Middle East & Africa

The Stimson Center and Humphrey School of Public Affairs commemorated their new partnership Tuesday with a panel discussion, “Humanitarian Crises in the Middle East and Africa: Examining Causes, Consequences, and Policy Choices.” The discussion examined the ongoing humanitarian crises in the Middle East and Africa, illuminated the work of academic and field work, and discussed the policy choices currently facing Washington. Professor Ragui Assaad and Dean Eric Schwartz contributed to the panel. Quotes from the panel were featured on Twitter:

"We must demonstrate a clear commitment to what we preach abroad," says @Eric_P_Schwartz on accepting #SyrianRefugees

"Climate change may have contributed to the destabilization of these countries," says Ragui Assaad on #Yemen, #Syria. #StimsonToday

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