HHH students: Econ Competitiveness course has international cases

 PA 5590:  Economic Competitiveness:  Firms, Clusters and Economic Development
Spring Semester 2016

Are you interested in learning how smart public policy can drive economic development – and how cohesive theory can inform this policy?  PA 5590: Economic Competitiveness:  Firms, Clusters and Economic Development presents a broad array of perspectives on economic development through the ‘industry cluster’ framework of Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter.
Our course inspires a better understanding of local, regional, state and national economic development through a balance of interesting case studies and ground-breaking theory.  Regular in-class discussions with leading economic development voices bring these lessons home to related work in the MSP metropolitan region and statewide.

You’ll gain insight into how world leaders think about economic development – and you’ll interact directly with policymakers and key officials in Minnesota, including perspectives from industry, Greater MSP Economic Development Partnership, and Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).

The course also involves a team project focused on a region and an industry cluster.  Students taking this course have received recognition for their past projects: 

  • ·        In 2010 a team won a $500 Humphrey team paper award for their study “Minneapolis–St. Paul Metropolitan Region Distribution Services Cluster.”

  • ·        In 2011 a Humphrey School team received honorable mention by the Harvard Business School Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MOC) network for their paper “Automation on the Prairie” about the production technology industry cluster in West Central Minnesota.

  • ·        In 2014 a Humphrey School team won best paper award by the Harvard Business School  MOC network among those nominated by faculty of the 100 universities around the world that teach the course for their paper  “Minneapolis/St. Paul Water Technologies: An emerging cluster in the Twin Cities.”

\For questions or to request a syllabus, contact Lee Munnich at lmunnich@umn.edu  or (612) 202-9511.

 We hope you’ll join PA 5590 in Spring 2016! 

Lee Munnich, L. Burke Murphy, Matt Schmit
Co-instructors, PA 5590

PA 5590 Case Studies 2016

·        Minneapolis-St. Paul Regional Cluster Initiative: Providing a Framework for Minnesota’s Economic Competitiveness
·        The California Wine Cluster
·        Building a Cluster: Electronics and Information Technology in Costa Rica
·        Volvo Trucks: Penetrating the U.S. Market
·        Institutions for Collaboration: Asociación Colombiana de Plásticos (Acoplásticos) and Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique
·        Estonia: From Transition to EU Membership
·        Chile: The Latin American Tiger?
·        Remaking Singapore
·        The Dutch Flower Cluster
·        Rural Knowledge Clusters: The Challenge of Rural Economic Prosperity.
·        New York City: Bloomberg's Strategy for Economic Development
·        St. Louis: Inner City Economic Development
·        Rwanda: National Economic Transformation
·        Colombia: Organizing for Competitiveness
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